Which Exercise is Best?

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Which Exercise is Best?

When we put seven popular exercises under the spotlight we found the following in terms of their ability to burn the calories in a thirty minute period of time:

In case you didnít know circuits are a mix of skipping, press-ups, ab crunches, etc taken one after another over a fixed time period. Usually takes place in a gym and popular with men and women alike.
Calorie Burn Potential: around 300+ calories depending on intensity

Probably the most popular form of very low/no impact exercise. Great for all the family but actually a fairly modest calorie burner for most average swimmers.
Calorie Burn Potential: around 200+ calories depending on intensity

Easy to do and no great skill involved. Jogging is a great fat burner if done regularly and good for the heart. Stress on knee joints sometimes a problem so if you feel something tweak itís time to stop for a while.
Calorie Burn Potential: around 350+ calories depending on intensity

Indoor Rowing
Of the instructors we spoke to most thought indoor rowing offered the best all-round toner, cardiovascular exercise and fat burning potential. To get the best you either need to use a gym or pay out a bit for a good durable machine.
Calorie Burn Potential: around 350+ calories depending on intensity

Getting popular all year round, especially with the trend in fitness suites opening all over the place. Tennis provides a good overall calorie burner but stretch injuries are fairly common. Popular with people of all ages and the game can be tailored to meet ability.
Calorie Burn Potential: around 250+ calories depending on intensity

You donít need to look far to find someone with a CD player offering aerobics. Popular, usually cheap and gaining more popularity with men. Good for toning and flexibility. The group element helps keeps motivation up.
Calorie Burn Potential: around 250+ calories or more depending on intensity

More popular with men but plenty women use weights too. Effective technique is the key. Strength and power combine with calorie burn to sculpt, tone and build muscle. In moderation, or in combination, weights are good but steer clear of anabolic steroids. Serious body builders need real commitment.
Calorie Burn Potential: 270+ calories depending on intensity & technique

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