When to diversify and why


When to diversify and why

There are several reasons to level more than one vizier. Union Battles, Hunting Grounds, Travel, Fortress Siege, Arena and more.

Simplified version:

  • Best Way: As you level up your main vizier, you want to level up your other viziers so that they can kill their animal all at once in the hunting grounds. Once they can kill their animal, you branch out and focus on the other viziers.

In general, however, you:

  • Level one person to level 50, all to level 10
  • Level 1 to 100, total level 16 at level 60 all at level 20
  • Level 1 to 150, 8 to 100, all up to level 60
  • Level 1 to 200, 6 to 150, all to 90
  • Levels 1 to 250, 1 to 200 and all to 110
  • Level 1 to 300, 8 to 200, 8 to 150 all to 120
  • Keep going

Focus on the viziers with the highest military stat. For these:

Harmony is the best and ignores the spouses.

The best secondary viziers are:

Magnificent 5: Kilic

Exceptional 4: Any

Grand Sultan 1: Yusuf

Honorable mention:



The power in the game increases exponentially. The more power you have over a vizier, the more power you will gain by leveling that vizier. It is therefore important to focus on one or two viziers as the main one. Everyone should also level up to participate in activities like the hunting grounds and in the arena. Plus, leveling them down to low levels is really cheap.

Once you get a 100 person, you are ready to participate in Union Wars. To qualify you need to have 16 Viziers leveled up to level 60. The rest don’t need to be leveled really, but getting them to level 20 is still very cheap.

At level 150, you must start contributing to the damage done by your Union. Here it becomes important to level up to 8 attackers to increase the damage you deal. Everyone should start hitting level 60 so you can start claiming more hunting grounds rewards and not losing that much rank in the area due to the weak.

As you progress to 200 and 250, you want to make sure you have strong replacements, as they will be the key to several activities in the game. Start leveling up your second main, but still focus primarily on that one. this. You want everyone to level up as you level up to level 100 and beyond. After that, continue the trend. Focus on one or two viziers, elevate your Union Wars team, and continue to have everyone behind you as you go.