War of supremacy

  1. War of supremacy

War of supremacy

Easy: Increase HP in Normal Weekly War by donating Grain and Gems. Qualify by winning and scoring in the top 3 in regular warfare.

Set your people to have high attack and highest possible HP (defense). The balance works.

The leaders choose which door to attack. IT’S EASIER TO HAVE EVERYBODY ON A TEAM ATTACK A DOOR

Talk to others on your server and ask the other 2 guilds to space out towards other doors.

During the battle: attack anyone closer to your door than you. Once you’ve secured your gate, aid your other server guilds by attacking any enemy ahead of them all the way to the gate. Guild leaders activate shields every 2 hours for 30 minutes or less.

Have everyone on the server log on and cheer everyone on the server. Ask them to log in every 2 hours if possible.

Only the 4 goalkeepers advance to the second round. Holding two doors removes the teams from the next round.

Tips: Not being the first at the gate means you have to eliminate the other guild’s team before you can claim them, which makes getting the first one very important.

If one team advances, both teams advance in full health. (I don’t know if a team is zeroed but it seems so)

  • Why: Two teams take longer for each team to get to the gate, which makes it harder to win. Having two teams grants 2 shields, but they are only for the respective team and do not compensate for the speed bonus. It can be helpful to have a small second team to use the shields. If so, they need a decent defense to take punches from the main team.