War of Demon’s Valley

War of Demon’s Valley

1. The War of Demon’s Valley is an Alliance-based team dungeon that is open every Saturday between 11:00 and 17:00 (server time)

2. When the dungeon is open, Alliance members can form teams of between 2 and 4 people to take on the challenge

3. The War of Demon’s Valley is divided into basic, regular, hard, nightmare, hell, Inferno, and Inferno II difficulties. Each difficulty level can only be unlocked once you have reached the required Castle level and have completed the previous difficulty level

4. There are 4 Barbettes inside the dungeon, as well as the Castle of Demon’s Valley, a formidable fortress containing many enemy soldiers. All troops inside the Castle of Demon’s Valley must be killed before each stage can be passed. Besides this, the Castle of Demon’s Valley also has a Castle defense attribute which can be weakened by occupying the Barbettes and attacking the Castle. Enemy troops inside the Castle get strong attribute bonuses from the Castle Defense, so be careful!

5. No troops can die inside the dungeon, lost troops will be converted to wounded and will not require any resources to heal (although if you wish to speed up their healing you will still need to use reduction items). All wounded troops will be healed instantly upon leaving the dungeon

6. Once inside the dungeon you can occupy the Barbettes by defeating the enemy troops stationed within them

7. You’ll be rewarded with points and King Cobra Shards for passing stages. Points can be used to exchange for items at the store. You can only get rewards for each difficulty once per week, no matter how many successful challenges you make

8. If you leave the dungeon before passing a stage, let your City Defense reach zero, or simply don’t take part in the event at all, then you will not receive any stage rewards

9. You’ll receive 5 minutes of war protection upon leaving the dungeon. This time does not stack if you enter and then exit the dungeon multiple times

10. The harder the difficulty and the more times you complete stages, the more honor you can claim. Honor is displayed on the rankings

11. You can use war buff items inside the dungeon, but you cannot use migration items

12. Minimum Castle levels for each difficulty:

Basic: Castle lv.12;

regular: Castle lv.18;

Hard: Castle lv.24;

Nightmare: Castle lv.30;

Hell: Castle Citadel Lv.3;

Inferno:>Castle Citadel Lv5

Inferno II:>Castle Citadel Lv8