Vegetable Oils and Margarine Dangers

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Vegetable Oils and Margarine Dangers

According to recent studies, unsaturated fats (in the form of vegetable oils) ñ once considered to be low in fat ñ are now believed to be the source of free-radicals in the body.

Unsaturated fats are carbon(C) chains containing at least one C=C double bond. And because of the stereo chemistry of the remaining hydrogen atoms(H) in the trans conformation, this type of fat is easily oxidized in the body releasing free-radicals. Free radical are atoms or molecules of neutral charge have not filled their octet, and look for other molecules to bond with.

When these free radicals find something to bond with, they remove electrons from other molecules in cells(like DNA-deoxyribonucleic acid). When this occurs, a new free radical is produced by the electron donor, and also damage to the cell.

Vegetable oil sounds good, right? I mean come on, it comes from vegetables. Well this is true, and it would sound logical if you didnít consider that it takes bushels of corn to make 1 bottle of corn oil. The human organism DOES NOT eat a bushel of corn at one sitting. Also, problems also arise with the extraction method of these oils.

According to Dr. Whitingís research when the location of the cell is in the arteries, damage is done to the arterial walls and muscle tissue, fibrin protein in the blood lays down a negatively charged layer to cover over the wound. This is the first layer of clogging during the process of atherosclerosis.

At this point positively charged calcium molecules (Ca+) in the blood attaches itself to the fibrin, because of the oppositely charge molecules. Later as cholesterol passes by in the blood, being of negative charge, it then attaches itself onto the calcium, creating a complete layer of artery hardening substance. With the occasional triglycerides added in for good measure.

Margarine is one of the primary invisible killers of our time, and nobody seems to know how dangerous it is. These are very dangerous hydrogenated fats. Dr. Whiting says about them:

ìÖthese fats are most harmful to the body. Hydrogenation is a process by which naturally unsaturated oils are changed into saturated oils by forcing hydrogen ions into the open bonds of the unsaturated oil, under extremely high pressure. BEWARE!!! The body is not designed to digest, assimilate, or utilize these unnatural substances.î

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