Union Wars

  1. Union wars

Union Wars consist of a set of battles against other Unions. The best, the unions, take the next step and finish in the final.


Start by getting 16 sultans to level 60

Join the battle

Change the position of your viziers so that the strongest are at the bottom left and the weakest at the top right

Bring your extra grain (keeping some reserves) to increase your union stats

Once that starts, attack every 2-3 hours and target the guild ranked above you, unless your guild tells you otherwise.

Your score is calculated by the amount of damage you deal multiplied by the percentage of HP you have left. If someone deals 25% more damage than you but has 26% less health, you will be ahead of them in the leaderboard. It also means paying attention to your defense so that not all of your attack gain gets destroyed when you are attacked. Usually the higher you are in the leaderboard the more of a target you become, so position your viziers accordingly.

The best 3 players will move on to the next round.

After each round, run predictions to try and get additional wins. As a general rule, bet on the unions that have the most damage during the week. Try to focus all unions on your target, and align with other unions as needed in other unions to move up the rankings.