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Welcome to the best guide to German civilization for beginners in Rise of Kingdoms.

Are you planning to take on the role of Germany in the game, but don’t know how, or is it a good idea?

Great, you’ve come to the right place as we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this civilization in our in-depth German Civilization Guide for Beginners.

Germany is one of the playable civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms and is available in the civilization selection main menu when creating a new account.

Players can also move to Germany at any time as long as they have the Civilization Change token available.

Nationality: Germany

Germany Republic of Korea

Line 1:
+ 5% cavalry attack

Character 2:
+ 5% troop training speed

Character 3:
+ 10% recovery of PA

Popularity ranking of civilizations:
5 of 11

Single unit: Teutonic knight

Germany Elite Teutonic Knight ROK

Germany Plot:

  • Cavalry attack increases by 5%.
  • Train your troops 5% faster.
  • Recover action points 10% faster.

Why Germany is the best civilization?

  • Germany is best for playing with cavalry commanders.
  • Train troops faster, which becomes important at the end of the game.
  • Collect action points faster, which also becomes important late in the game for rallying and raising barbarians.

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Background information

ROK Germany Civilization

Early Germany was founded as a separate region in Central Europe. The country could be traced back to a legendary Roman commander, Julius Caesar, who often referred to the unconquered region east of the Rhine as Germany. What distinguishes it from Gaul (France today) which the Empire of Rome conquers.

The victorious battle of Germany in the Teutoburg Forest prevented the Empire of Rome from annexing their lands. Although Germania Superior & Germania Inferior was established along the Rhineland.

After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the Franks conquered the West Germanic tribes. In 843, the Frankish Empire was shared between the heirs of Charles Martel. The eastern part has become Eastern Francia.

Finally, Otto I became the Holy Roman Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire to establish the medieval German state in 962 AD.


If you are looking for the best guide to German civilization to get up to speed.

Then you have come to the right place because in our best guide to German civilization we will cover all the basics you need to know about this nation.

Germany is one of the best starting civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms due to its strong attack bonus, increased troop training speed, and quick action point recovery.

This makes Germany a popular choice for players who want to play on the offensive side instead of China and Korea.

Suppose you start in Germany in Rise of Kingdoms.

Next, you’ll want to know how to get the most out of this civilization’s traits as well as their unique units, the Teutonic Knights, which become available at level 4.

So without further ado, let’s dive in and find out how to play Germany in the best possible way.

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Germany’s best traits

Before we talk about the traits of this civilization, it’s worth mentioning here that you’ll be playing mostly on the offensive side as Germany.

Mainly because those traits you get for being Germany focus on maximizing your combat effectiveness.

You will need to consider the risk factors of not having a bonus to hospital capacity or improving building speed.

While Germany’s stats are one of the most resilient bonuses, they work very well for early, middle, and late games.

Character 1

First of all, your cavalry gains a 5% attack bonus, which makes it very attractive to form an entire cavalry army with commanders specializing in cavalry troops like Belisarius, Takeda Shingen and even Attila.

Character 2

It reduces the time required to train your troops (infantry, archers, cavalry and siege units) by 5%.

This bonus is fantastic for all ages, especially when the time required to train T5 troops becomes long.

Character 3

Increases your Action Point Recovery by 10%. This trait is much stronger than China, making Germany a popular choice for fighting barbarians.

Best single units in Germany

Germany’s sole unit is the Teutonic Knights, who become available for training at level 4.

Teutonic Knights are a powerful type of cavalry that excels in mobility and attack.

They’re also quite tanky, which means they can absorb large amounts of heavy damage quickly and are great at taking out enemy archers with ease.

Teutonic knight

Germany Teutonic Knight ROK

Elite Teutonic Knight

Germany Elite Teutonic Knight ROK
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Best German commanders

Germany has three commanders who are affiliated with this civilization.

However, your starting commander will be Hermann.

He’s one of the best commanders in the game due to his ability to silence enemy commanders, which will pretty much thwart nuclear potentials like Genghis Khan and Mehmed II.

The other two German commanders are pretty good too!

You can learn more about each commander by checking out their in-depth guide.


Best Commander of Constance ROK


Commander Hermann ROK

Frederick I

Frederick I Rise of Kingdoms Commander

Best tips and tricks for Germany

In the next part of our best guide to German civilization for beginners, we’ll share several tips and tricks you can use to start your empire.

Keep in mind that Germany is an offensive civilization, which means you’ll want to make the most of their characteristics when attacking and training.

So here are some tips and tricks for playing in Germany.

Tip 1: Use only cavalry commanders

As mentioned earlier, Germany gives a 5% attack bonus to cavalry, which stacks well with cavalry commanders.

Strong trait to mobilize powerful cavalry rushes.

Tip 2: keep training

The 5% troop training speed bonus is a nice bonus.

To stay ahead of your competition, keep training your troops and make the most of Germany’s reduced troop training timer.

This bonus becomes more vital when you start training T4 / T5 units.

Tip 3: Group the barbarians to expand the action points

Of course, the 10% action point recovery is excellent and a must-have trait for attacking barbarians.

But did you know that you can expand your pool of action points by regrouping barbarians?

You can use this method with commanders like Aethelflaed, who have area damage skills.

If you have it, use it to regroup barbarians to kill more without spending more action points.

Works great with fast AP recovery in Germany and great for leveling up commanders in a quick way.

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Conclusion of the guide to German civilization

Best Guide to German Civilization Rise of Kingdoms

As we conclude our in-depth guide to German civilization for beginners in Rise of Kingdoms.

You now know the characteristics of this civilization, the unique units, the commanders and the tips and tricks to maximize your advantage.

Armed with knowledge, you will be able to get ahead of other governors who do not know his civilization well enough.

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You can also download and play Rise of Kingdoms on PC at any time to continue your progress in the game as long as your account is linked.

Did you find our best guide to German civilization for beginners informative and useful?

If you have any questions about this civilization, let us know in the comments section below.

Good decision, governors!


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