This must be the most solid iPhone ever. The weight feels substantial and the m…

This must be the most solid iPhone ever.

The weight feels substantial and the material used for new screen is great. It’s built like a tank. Plus I’m diggin the iPhone sounds & haptics 👌

However, I’m not too impressed with the camera or the stainless steel bezels – shows ugly smudges like no tomorrow (even with clean hands 😭).

Most likely will go with the mini instead but my only concern would be the battery life. I won’t miss or notice the difference in the cameras, LIDAR or the extra 2G of ram.

Are you getting the 12 pro over the 12? Let me know why!

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  • Still waiting on the IPhone 12 Pro Max. Want to see the reviews for that before making a decision. I’m currently rocking an iPhone 8 Plus, still have the home button and LCD screen- dual camera lens. I would love to get an upgrade but at the moment… not sure if it’s worth it still. This year iPhone are great but they did stuff to the iPad Air thats I want on the iPhone 12’s -like the finger print reader and o wish they had a better screen. I just feel like if I can hold out for another year, October 2021, might be the phone Apple should have released in 2020 but couldn’t due to 2020 reasons lol 😅😅😅

  • I’ve been a Google 📱 user since Nexus 5 and pre ordered the Pixel 5. I returned it after a weekend of use because the camera was just terrible compared to the Pixel 4. So now I’m waiting for the iPhone 12 Pro to arrive so I can try out the cameras on that and compare with my Pixel 4. Portrait and Low Light photos are what I truly need a camera for and hope the iPhone 12 Pro can give me what I want

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