There are 101 reasons people choose *not* to drink – for me, my alcohol toleranc…

There are 101 reasons people choose *not* to drink – for me, my alcohol tolerance has gone way down after having babies, plus I grew up with alcohol never being a part of my family celebrations, so it’s been super fun to have a really lovely NA drink on deck for the holidays this year to balance out the occasional glasses of wine and general overindulgence of the season. And I’m biased, but I think this little red glass is very magical. ✨

This little Merry Mocktail is a really heavenly mix of rosemary-clove simple syrup, Pom (and specifically Pom – truly it’s so much better than other pomegranate juices) and a little soda with lime. 👌🏼 Basically a 1 to 1 to 1 ratio, or however you like it – you hardly need a recipe for this.

I actually wasn’t planning on sharing this drink for the holiday series, but it’s coming in hot at the last minute because I had so many of you send me DMs asking for the recipe. And I realized maybe I’m not the only mocktail lover out there. Maybe you’re expecting, you’re supporting someone through recovery, you have religious reasons not to drink, you’re going through cancer treatment, or you just don’t drink (all real reasons you’ve sent me!) – no matter the reason, this is a very fast ticket to a fun, festive, special drink that will add a little sparkle to these next few weeks. Alcohol doesn’t need to have all the fun. ❤️

Wishing you a happy weekend, festive drink in hand! We are about to be snowed in over here and my rosemary syrup is ready in the fridge. Bring it on! ❄️