The Zone Diet Plan

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The Zone Diet Plan

What is the Enter the Zone Diet Program?

The Zone Diet plan (which is also commonly known as the ìEnter the Zoneî plan) first came on to the diet scene a few years ago, and was authored by a man named Dr. Barry Sears.

This diet requires people to eat their daily calories in a very specific proportion at each and every meal which proves very difficult sometimes.

Actually, to be more specific the Zone Diet required you to eat 40 percent of calories from carbohydrates, 30 percent from protein, and 30 percent from fat calories (so therefore it is a 40-30-30 diet).

This type of specific calorie combination makes it quite necessary to calculate everything before each meal is eaten and most people find it annoying to have to go through so much trouble each day, several times per day.

Therefore, the makers of the ìEnter the Zoneî Diet have produced a whole line of food products that is called ìZone Perfectî food which already contains the exact proportions of calories required on the Zone Program so therefore absolutely no calculating is required before each meal which makes things much easier on the dieter .

However, becoming dependent on such expensive foods can be very costly and we therefore do not recommend the Zone Perfect Food products to anybody using the Zone Diet Program.

In fact, we do not even recommend that anybody follow the Zone diet program altogether as there are more effective and easier to follow diets on the market that will benefit you even more, and allow for fast weight loss.

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