The Pyramid Battle Top League (PBL)

The Pyramid Battle Top League (PBL)

1) Participation

Submissions start at the beginning of a new season. In Kingdoms where the Top League is available, Alliance Leaders and Legion Commanders can register Alliances to participate in the battle. Each Alliance can register several Legions, with no limit to the Alliance’s/Legion’s creation time, or the Alliance’s Power ranking. When submissions end, the Legions that rank in the Top 512 based on their Power will enter the Top League.

2) Schedule

The selected legions are divided into 8 divisions, and then they square off in a round of Group Stage battles, with the winners entering the Eagle Group, and the losers being moved to the Panther Group. Once the Group Stage has concluded, the Breakout Stage begins. During the Breakout Stage, two losses mean elimination. When the Breakout Stage ends, the Legions in both the Eagle and the Panther Group move on to the Top 16 Tournament, which lasts for 4 weeks, and decides the final champion of the season.

3) Breakout Stage Groups

During the Breakout Stage, the 512 Legions are divided into 8 divisions, with each division subdivided into 3 groups based on the Legions’ battle results: the Eagle Group, the Panther Group, and the Wolf Group.

Eagle Group: The Legions that win all their battles in the Breakout Stage.

Panther Group: The Legions that only suffer 1 defeat in the Breakout Stage.

Wolf Group: The Legions that have suffered more than 1 defeat, and have thus been eliminated.

4) Battle Deployment

During the Top League submissions, Alliance Leaders and Legion Commanders can make changes to their deployment lists. Only Lords with an Lv.15 or higher Castle who are not participating in other Legions can be deployed to the battles. At the end of submissions, the members of Legions selected for the Top League will receive their Legion’s Deployment Seal. You may only participate in that Legion for the entirety of the Top League season.

Note: When submissions end, all Legions’ deployment lists will be locked, with no changes (deployments or dismissals) allowed during the Top League. Deployment lists are unlocked only when the season ends.

5) Battle Rules

The Top League battle rules are the same as the Regular Season battle rules.

6) Rewards

a. Battle Rewards:

When a battle ends, results are determined based on the Legions’ number of points. Personal Point Rewards are sent out via in-game mail to both the winners and the losers. The Legions that have drawn a bye receive Rest Rewards.

Personal Point Rewards are the same for battles in the Regular Season, the Group Stage, and the Breakout Stage. They are, however, different for the Tournament.

b. Tournament Rewards

During the Tournament, Legion members receive seasonal points at the end of each battle. When the season ends, Season Rewards are sent out to players based on the number of points they have amassed. (Rewards are sent out via in-game mail – The PBL Point Reward Mail):

Why does my power not all return when I exit the Pyramid Battles?

a)       Lost troops: your troops can be killed during Pyramid Battles if your enemy has used a No Quarter item (this will show on the battle report) or has researched the Poison technology at the Institute (this will not show on the battle report). When you exit the Pyramid Battles these dead troops will not be returned to you and so your power will drop.

b)       Lost traps: you will use up traps when defending your city in the Pyramid Battles just as you would in any other arena, these traps will not be returned to you when you exit the Pyramid Battles and so you will lose power as a result.