Summer Chapter

Welcome to the governors of Rise of Kingdoms. Lilith Games will update the game to v1.0.49: Summer Chapter on 11/8/2021.

However, before they update to Rise of Kingdoms, you can download the data ahead of time to earn quick and easy rewards.

Lilith Games apologizes for any inconvenience the game update may cause and will reward all Governors with a reward after it is brought back online.

Update August 5:

We take all suggestions and comments from Governors seriously. After extensive discussion and evaluation, we decided to make the following adjustments:

1) Removed resource support and loot limits

2) All Resource Point Depots will keep a 25% increase (except Gems and Alliance Mines) and all Collection Commanders will benefit from a 10% increase in collection rate. This change is intended to encourage governors to actively cultivate.

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1. “Summer Festival” events

Important information: The update will go live about a week after the servers go online.

Preparations for the annual summer festival are in full swing, but Björn Ironside isn’t as impressed as Commander-in-Chief Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Tomoe Gozen. Can they iron out their differences before things get out of hand?

  • Summer Festival Story: Start the summer story and join the commanders.
  • Festive preparations: 7 days of quests for great rewards!
  • Festival Gala: Participate in the banquet and win decorative items and festival town themes!
  • Summer Stay: Collect floral paper for great rewards at the festival gala.
  • Race against the clock: who can eliminate the most barbarians in a short time?
  • Protect the Supplies: Escort the supplies to the village to keep the festival running smoothly!

Consult the calendar of events for a detailed schedule.

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2. “Lost Kingdom” Optimizations

We continue to optimize the “Lost Kingdom” to provide a richer and smoother experience for Governors.

1) In the story “The March of the Ages”:

Added a new series of technological quests in the season; updated building, icon and some screens; Improved order for sending Reserves to Advanced Camp with a cancel option along the way.

2) In the story of “Strife of the Eight”:

Optimized the rewards available in some Crusader Achievement quests.

3) In the story “Light and darkness”:

Crusader Fortress destruction time reduced to 24 hours from 48.

4) Town Hall level 16 governors can no longer claim the Lost Realm achievement rewards.

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3. Other optimizations

1) We have 25% increase in resource point deposits at all levels of the map (except gem depots and alliance resource centers), and 10% improvement in base troop gathering speed. We have also set a daily cap on the number of resources that can be received through resource assistance and looting at 200,000,000 for each (400,000,000 in total).

2) “Ark of Osiris” Optimizations: Troops in the hospital are now included in matchmaking calculations at a certain ratio in the Ark of Osiris matchmaking system; The Ark of Osiris training matches can now take place on Saturdays and Sundays.

3) Improved the display of the Osiris League mini-map.

4) New Alliance Finder Feature: The results will highlight if an Alliance is currently in your realm, and you no longer need to have the correct capital letter when looking for an Alliance name.

5) The 30-Day Research Boost Supply is available for a limited time. These supplies are only open to realms that are undergoing or have passed the Lost Realm Season 1 “Crusade Eve” when this event begins.

6) Improved a bug in the power rating of some equipment with special talents.

7) Improved the underlying algorithm for Season of Conquest Imperium Kingdoms, connecting Imperium Kingdom numbers with the number of kingdoms entering Season of Conquest.

8) Added a new “Master and Commander” Achievement Category, the series completion of which will yield a bountiful reward.

What do you think of these new gameplay balancing changes and optimizations?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this latest Rise of Kingdoms update in the comments section below.

Alternatively, you can check out our ROK patch notes to see all the balance changes and optimizations.

Thank you for supporting Rise of Kingdoms and House of Kingdoms.

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