Sultan’s Largesse

Sultan’s Largesse

1. How to Play

During the event, recharge to get some of the packs below. Inside are rewarded, including a Sultan’s Seal, which can be used to purchase value packs on the Sultan’s Largesse interface. No more Sultan’s Seals will be available 24H before the end of the event, and all Sultan’s Seals will be cleared at the end.

2. Pack Details

2.1. During the event, open the following packs to get rewards and the Sultan’s Seal inside.

Gold Packs, Value Packs, Lucky Packs, and packs from the events including Exclusive Privilege, Arcane Treasure Hunt, Choose a pack, Heroic Returns, Pray for Summer, Petra’s Treasure, Palatial Ceremony, Heroes’ Stash, Earnest Entreaties, Hammer Time, Dazzling Gifts, Feast of the Sacrifice, Treasure Snatch, Precious Treasure, Valley of Treasures, Blazing Token and Pavilion of Treasures.

2.2. The following packs do not give you Sultan’s Seals.

Subscription Pack, Special Offer, Weekly Packs, Monthly Packs, Daily Exclusive, Upgrade Exclusive, VIP Exclusive Packs, Brilliance Packs, and packs from events including, Meteoric Rise, Super Snatch, Wish Tree, Limited Time Packs, Bounty Pack, Rapturous Returns, Kingdom Group Purchase, Ramadan Party, Royal Summons, and Heavenly Tokens.