Stone Enchantment

Stone Enchantment FAQ

Stone Enchantment

1. Enchantment

Stone Enchantment is unlocked when the Sultan’s Triumph reaches Brilliance Lv.1. It allows you to earn powerful attributes by enchanting stone slots and strengthening enchantment attributes.

In each stone slot, you can enchant up to 3 attributes: A, B, and C. During each enchantment, attributes are generated randomly.

2. Chant Scrolls

In order to enchant a stone slot, you must consume 1 Chant Scroll. There are 7 types of Chant Scrolls (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, and White), each corresponding to a specific stone slot (Ruby, Citrine, Sapphire, Emerald, Amethyst, Fire Opal, and White Topaz). You can only use Chant Scrolls of a certain color to enchant their corresponding slot. Chant Scrolls can be exchanged in the Divine Wrath Exchange Store.

3. Enchantment Attributes Activation

You must inset War Stones to activate Enchantment Attributes.

The activated Enchantment Attributes are directly tied to the level of the inset stone.

Stone Level ≥1 – Attribute A activated

Stone Level ≥7 – Attributes A and B activated

Stone Level ≥10 – Attributes A, B, and C activated

4. Strengthening Enchantment Attributes

Enchantment Attributes can be strengthened using Power Essence, allowing you to grow stronger than ever.

Enchantment Attributes start at Strengthening Lv.1, with higher levels bringing you better attributes. Upgrading your Enchantment Attributes to higher levels requires consuming more Power Essence items.

The Enchantment Attribute level cap is determined by the Brilliance Level of the Sultan’s Triumph.

Power Essence can be purchased from the Store using Gold.

5. Forgetting Enchantment Attributes

When an Enchantment Attribute is forgotten, it is removed from its stone slot.

After forgetting Enchantment Attributes, 100% of the Power Essence required to upgrade to the current level will be returned to you, but you won’t get any Chant Scrolls back.

If you forget an Enchantment Attribute from a particular stone slot, the remaining two attributes in that slot won’t be affected.

6. Attack/defense/HP percentage buffs:

These buffs increase your troops’ basic attributes by a corresponding percentage, and are active at all times.

Attack/Defense/HP basic buffs: These buffs increase your troops’ basic attributes by a corresponding numeric value, and are active at all times. (Basic buffs aren’t affected by percentage buffs.)

Damage attributes: Each time your troops successfully deal damage during an attack, more extra damage will be dealt at the same time. Activated when your troops are engaged in a battle.

Attack speed attributes: These attributes increase the frequency of your troops’ attacks, allowing your troops to deal extra damage during a battle. Activated when your troops are engaged in a battle.

7. Other

Changes to Stone Sets have no impact on Enchantment Attributes.