Scheduling Exercise Made Easy

Scheduling Exercise Made Easy

Isnít technology wonderful? It used to be that we had to get up to change channels, or to go to the stacks in the library to do research, or to get from one floor of a building to another. Plus, the latest medical advances help us when we develop all of that pesky diseases-of-inactivity like cancer, coronary disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

Todayís hectic lifestyles often preclude the time that is needed for a daily workout routine. Yet there are many ways to find time for exercising that can help you get to and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

  1. Thirty minutes, three times per week is the minimum youíre going to have to find in order for any kind of exercise to be effective. Look at your schedule, and Iíll bet you can find ëem! Suggestion: ìBrown-bagî it three times weekly, stow a pair of walking shoes in your cubicle, and use half of your lunch hour for a nice walk. Donít worry about all of the target heart rate stuff; just get out and move right now.
  2. Break your exercise into small time segments. You donít have to do thirty minutes of physical activity all at once. Try doing ten-minute chunks of exercise at intervals throughout the day. For example, you could walk ten minutes outdoors when you first get up, take another ten-minute walk at lunchtime, and add another following dinner.
  3. Vary your mode of exercise. Alternate long walks with bicycle rides or swimming. Jog one day and lift weights the next. If you have the interest and the skill, put your weekday exercise to the test as a ìweekend Warrior,î in any number of athletic pursuits. When you do different activities, youíre less apt to lose interest and more apt to stay with a regular exercise program longer to help you get and stay fit.

Don’t make this complicated! Start with nine ten-minute slots a week doing what you enjoy doing to move. Be creative: Take the wife dancing; wrestle with your kids; walk the dog for crying out loud! Get moving now, have fun, and youíll reinforce a lifelong exercise habit that adds life to your years!

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