Royal Summons

Royal Summons

Royal Summons

1. Entry Requirements:

Your Castle must be at least Lv.6.

2. Royal Summons Season Duration:

The Royal Summons event is broken down into different seasons, starting from Season 1 by default when the feature is updated.

All Lords’ Royal Summons ranks, levels, level rewards statuses, daily quest statuses, and season quest statuses will be reset at the end of each season.

3. Royal Summons Ranks:

There are two different ranks available: Bronze and gold, with bronze being the default rank.

You can activate the Gold Summons by purchasing packs, giving you access to even better rewards.

When you upgrade your Royal Summons to gold you can claim all the unclaimed gold rank rewards for your level and season all in one go.

4. Royal Summons Level

1). Your Royal Summons level will begin at Lv.1 and there is no limit to how high it can go. There are two corresponding rewards for each level up to Lv.50 (bronze and gold), with a Panther Chest being awarded for every three levels after that. Chests contain a set range of items, from which rewards are selected at random;

2). If your summons is bronze, then you can only claim bronze rewards. If your summons is gold, then you can claim both bronze and gold rewards.

5. Sources of Royal Summons EXP

1). Daily login EXP packs (exclusive to Gold Summons)

Lords who’ve upgraded to Gold Summons can claim a daily login EXP pack every day from the daily Royal Summons quests, which will provide them with Royal Summons EXP;

2). Completing daily Royal Summons quests

After completing daily Royal Summons quests, Lords can claim summons rewards from the daily quests

There is a limit to how many quests EXP you can claim from the daily quests each day. Once the limit is reached, no more EXP can be gained from quests that day;

Daily quest progress is reset at midnight each day, along with the quest types and contents;

3). Completing season challenge quests

Similar to season achievement quests, each challenge can only be completed once per season, with rewards being claimed manually by the Lord themselves.

Season challenge quest progress is reset at the end of each season;

4). Purchasing Royal Summons EXP

Lords can spend Gold to purchase Royal Summons EXP directly.

6. Exchange Store

You can find Royal Summons Tokens in your Royal Summons level rewards, these can be exchanged for rewards at this store;

Every item has a daily exchange limit which is reset each day;

All Royal Summons Tokens will vanish once the season has ended;