RAID: Shadow Legends Fusion Guide (Updated)


If you have a lot of issues when performing merges in RAID: Shadow Legends, here are some of the top tips GoodNewsNoble always follows to ensure you don’t miss any merge events.

RAID Shadow Legends Fusion Event Guide

This is without a doubt the biggest event in RAID because it… contains all the other events. If you understand how to properly manage your resources, you can easily get the Fusion Champion and all the rewards from related events.

And the merger is completely free. You don’t have to pay anything to get the final reward if you have a good preparation.

If you’re a new player, merging shouldn’t be your goal as you just don’t have enough resources to do it. And that’s all. There is nothing wrong at all because you will be able to do that when you have a super pool of heroes. The Clan Leader should be your primary focus now.

Once you are able to take down the Ultra-Nightmare and Nightmare Clan Boss on a daily basis, this guide is for you.

Before the start of the Fusion event

  • Fill up on free energy you get everyday and don’t open them. Keep them in your inventory. They will help you a lot because you need a lot of energy to complete Dungeon Driver events. Otherwise, only open them when they are about to expire. Sometimes I even keep them in my inbox for over 80 days before actually using them.
  • Get the final chest of Ultra-Nightmare and Nightmare Clan Boss every day. Also attack the brutal boss if you can. You’ll receive a ton of XP Brews, Gems, Shards, Books, everything here. You want to save them all for merge events.
  • You will get a free x2 XP every 5 days. Whenever you have it available, farm Forage Champions. You want to have a ton of 3-star champions. Simply add your Blue Shards to the number of 3 Star Champions. After that get about 25% of them at level 30. You want to have 1 level 40 4 star champion for 4 feeders (max 3 star champions). If you don’t have enough space, upgrade some of the 3 stars to 4 stars, but leave them at level 1. Spend all the free energy you get on Double XP days to farm Forage.
  • On normal days (days without double XP), close the dungeons. Sell ​​bad gears, keep the good ones you might want to use.
  • Don’t use money. You typically want to save up to $ 50 million in money for each merge event.
  • If you have any champions you can summon (Doomtower, Rare Fusion Champions, etc.), save them for the Champion Chase event. They give you guaranteed points.
free energy raid
Always keep your free energy in inventory for mergers!

When the RAID Fusion event is about to begin, be sure to check out the news and get a general idea of ​​the list of upcoming events with their respective points for shards. We usually share this on our website, so be sure to bookmark to stay up to date. Make sure you have a plan for upcoming events.

Don’t blindly merge and hope you have enough shards to summon.

Now let’s talk about each event you will need to do to get the final Fusion Champion.

iron brago summon raid shadow legends

Guide each event to get all shards

Summoner’s Rush

This event is very simple and straightforward. Do not open shards between Fusion events.

You need around 3000 points to open shards. Holy Shards are 500, Void Shards are 120, Ancient Shards are 20, and Mystery Shards are 1 point.

This is where you want to open your Holy Shards, not during Champion Hunting. That’s because the Sacred Shards offer a ton of points here. And you only need 6 of them to complete this event.

You can easily save 6 sacred just by doing Clan Boss. You can buy Mystery Shards from the Market and keep them if you want.

This event is just a matter of patience.

Dungeon divers

Completing level 20 dungeons gives the most energy points. This is when you want to use all the free energy saved in your inventory.

It is not at all difficult to get the rewards just with your free energy.

Improved artifacts

You still want to keep your money between mergers for this event. Upgrade your artifacts while hunting for champions!

Dragon / Fire Knight / Spider / Ice Golem Tournament

For each energy expended, you get 1 point in these tournaments.

You need around 2000 Energy for each Dungeon Tournament.

Champion hunt

This is the most RNG event, but you can prepare to make it easier.

You get points for the champions you summon. If you’re lucky and get a few Legendary Champions or Epic Champion Pairs, you’ll complete the event with ease. Each legendary champion gives 500 points.

It is recommended to use Ancient Shards here with any ongoing x2 events.

Fusion Champions give points here as well. So if you have any available, even the previous Fusion Champion, it will be 500 free points!

Classic arena teardown

Nothing too much here. Do it, don’t be lazy. Get all possible points from free fights.

Champion training

It’s a big event and there are a lot of people doing it wrong.

This event should be super easy and quick to complete, but people always complicate things.

You can finish it in just 10 minutes if you know how to prepare.

Prepare your food ahead of time, with lots of 3-star champions at max 30, lots of 4-star champions at level 1.

Once the event has started:

  1. Feed all the rare champions you received from the Ancients (Summon & Chase event).
  2. Upgrade your 3-star champions to 4-star.
  3. Spend 6 XP infusions for each level 1 4-star champion. Then feed them and make 5-star champions.
  4. Give 5 Star Champions 8 Brews each.

Remember not to spend your brew between fusions and you’ll have more than enough to complete champion training.

If you know how to prepare, it’s super easy and only takes 10 minutes to complete this event.

Old school RAID Merge Guide

In RAID: Shadow Legends, players can merge or combine champions to get the strongest and rarest ones. Champion Fusion can be done in the Summoning Portal.

Once you’ve hit a decent level that allows you to keep 1 copy of each rare champion in your vault, do so so you can perform the merge quickly whenever a new merge is released.

RAID: Shadow Legends Merge Guide

Permanent mergers

At the moment, there are 3 permanent mergers that players can do:

Relic Keeper

Relic Keeper

Scarcity: Epic
Terms & Conditions: Executioner level 40, Templar, Witch, Justice

  • Justiciar = Warmaiden + Diabolist + Spirithost + Heiress
  • The rest can be farmed in the countryside and can be obtained from Mystery & Ancient Shards.
    • Witch = Campaign 3
    • Spirithost = Campaign 4
    • Heiress = Campaign 6
    • Diabolist = Campaign 12
    • Templar = Campaign 8
    • War Aid = Campaign 9
    • Executioner = Campaign 11

Rhazin beetle skin

Rhazin beetle skin

Scarcity: Legendary
Terms & Conditions: Lich level 50 + Erinyes + Brood Feather + Helm of Torture

  • Lich = Mage, Marked, Rocktooth, Penitent
  • Erinyes = Raider, Gnarlhorn, Valerie, Wanderer
  • Bloodfeather = Slitherbrute, Goremask, Preserver, Channeler
  • Torturehelm = Skullsworm, Halberdier, Spikehead, Theurgist

Big mouth

Big mouth

Scarcity: Epic
Terms & Conditions: Arbalest level 30 + Stoneskin + Hunter + Bloodhorn

  • Arbalester = Commander + Hardscale + Dhampir + Satyr
  • Stoneskin = Jaeger + Brute + Warchanter + Militia

Limited mergers

There are a number of Fusion events that allow you to obtain extremely rare champions by only merging once.

Rotus the lost groom

Scarcity: Legendary
Duration: 02/14/2020 – 03/01/2020
Conditions: Level 50 Skytouched Shaman + Sepulcher Sentinel + Cleric Fang + Azure

  • Shaman Skytouched = Coffin Smasher + Hatchet Slinger + Fencer + Apothecary
  • Sepulcher Sentinel = Soulbond Bowyer + Myrmidon + Mystic Hand + Hollow
  • Fang Cleric = Corpulent Corpse + Fleshmonger + Reliquary Tender + Ragemonger
  • Azure = Cudgeler + Runic Warder + Skullsworn + Knight


Ascending Potion Requirements

Each time you mount your champion, you need a certain amount of Affinity Potions and Arcane Potions. The table below shows the exact amount of potions you need for each climb.

Note that the format we use is Affinity Potion / Arcane Potion




2L / 2L
2L / 2L
3L / 2L
3L / 3L
? /?
? /?


4L / 2L
6L / 3L
2G / 1G
2G / 2G
5G / 3G
6G / 4G


4G / 3G
7G / 5G
9G / 7G
3S / 1S
3S / 2S
4S / 2S


1S / 5G
2S / 2S
3S / 2S
4S / 3S
5S / 4S
6S / 4S

L = Lesser Potion, G = Greater Potion, S = Greater Potion

Speaking of Potions, don’t merge them all. Always keep your Magic, Strength, Spirit and Void potions in their original state and only merge them when needed to raise your Champions.


In summary, if you are at the point where you can do Clan Boss in automatic mode, you will be able to complete all mergers easily. Just start saving your resources now and you will be golden.

  • Save your infusions and XP shards for summon and training events.
  • Save your free energy for tournaments and Dungeon Divers.
  • Save your gems for emergency uses, whenever you need a little more shards or a little more energy. It is sometimes useful and does not hurt at all.
  • Run level 20 Dungeons for the best performance.

Good luck!

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