Pyramid Battles

Pyramid Battles

Pyramid Battle: Regular Season

How to Play:

During the Regular Season, there will be 1-hour, one-on-one battles held every week between rival Alliances.

    Alliances from rival kingdoms will enter the Pyramid Battlefield as two different teams. Each team then gains points by occupying various buildings scattered around the battlefield. When the battle is over the team with the highest number of points will win. The various structures on the battlefield each have a different purpose, and each one will help the occupying team gain an extra tactical advantage.

    At the conclusion of each Pyramid Battle, Pyramid Valor will be allocated to each Alliance based on their performance. Every Alliance’s Pyramid Valor will be tallied up each week and this will be used to rank each alliance on the Pyramid Battle Ranking Board. When the Regular Season ends, the top 32 alliances from the Ranking Board will move forward to the Pyramid Battles Playoffs. Finally, these Playoffs will determine the ultimate Alliance!

1. Entry Requirements:

 The Alliance Leader and R4s of the top 10 Alliances (based on power) from each Kingdom can register their Alliance for the Pyramid Battles.

 Alliances must be more than 2 weeks old to register.

 Only Alliance Leaders or R4s can register. The registration period will be announced by the system.

 When registering for the Pyramid Battles the Alliance leader or R4s will be given the option to select a timeslot for battles to take place in.

 When registration is complete the Alliance Leader and R4s can appoint members from their Alliance to take part in the Pyramid Battles. Each alliance can appoint no more than 30 members to take part.

 Members must have reached Castle Lv.15 and not have participated in this round of Pyramid Battles for any other Alliance to be eligible for selection.

After the match result is announced, the player will lose the qualification to enter the Pyramid battlefield if he quits from the original alliance before the battle.

2. Competition Time:

Alliances will take part in a 1-hour battle each week, during the timeslot which was selected on registration. Alliances that selected the same time slot will first be matched by the system and will then compete in one-on-one battles.

 The Pyramid Battle Regular Season will begin three months after a new kingdom has opened.

If the Alliance Leader has already applied for the Pyramid Battle Top League, other members of the Alliance can’t be designated to participate in the Pyramid Battle Regular Season. This problem can be solved in the following ways:

1) Appoint an R4 or higher member as the Legion Commander in the Pyramid Battle Regular Season. The Legion Commander can then delegate other members who haven’t applied for the Top League to participate in the Regular Season.

2)Transfer Alliance leadership to another member who hasn’t applied for the Pyramid Battle Top League. The new Alliance Leader can then delegate other members who haven’t applied for the Top League to participate in the Regular Season.

3. Matching Rules:

When a new season begins, each Alliance will be given a value based on their overall power and the number of Castles they have over level 30. Initial matches will be based on these rankings.

After the first round, Alliances will be given a value based on their Alliance Valor and their overall power. Alliances that have registered for the same timeslot will then be matched from highest to lowest.

4. Rules of War:

 Fighting in the Pyramid Battles is much the same as fighting in your own Kingdom.

 Players can dispatch troops to occupy various buildings and gain beneficial buffs. Occupy the key Point Structures (the Great Pyramid, Grand Pyramids, and Supply Depots) to produce Team Points. Team Points will decide the victors of the Pyramid Battles.

 Alliance members have the option to attack and take enemy structures or reinforce structures already occupied by their own team.

 Migrations are limited on the Pyramid Battlefield. Each alliance is given a certain number of migrations to use. Once these have all been used, members will be unable to use items or gold to gain additional migrations.

 Occupy the Dimensional Towers to increase your number of remaining migrations. If a tower is already held by your Alliance then the first time you migrate there you will not need to use any items or gold, although this will still use up one of your alliance’s remaining migrations (can only be used once per battle).

 Migrating to other structures will still require a Lord to use an item or gold, as well as taking up one of your team’s migrations.

 Under normal circumstances, no troops will die during the Pyramid Battles (although troops killed as a result of the Poison technology and No Quarter item will still die as normal); instead, all losses will be converted into wounded troops. Healing wounded troops will not require any resources and the time required to heal will be much lower than in your own Kingdom. First-aid tents will no longer have an upper limit to their capacity, and all troops will be automatically healed when you depart the battlefield. Traps lost in the Pyramid Battle won’t be replenished.

 There is a cool-down period for using gold to instantly heal your troops; as such Lords will be unable to instantly revive troops at will, adding an extra element of strategy to the battles.

 When a Castle defense fails, the speed that the Castle burns at will be significantly increased during Pyramid Battles, so please make sure to put out fires promptly.

 Lords are unable to plunder resources from castles sacked during the Pyramid Battles.

 Troops killed during the Pyramid Battles:

 Do not count towards a Lord’s total kills;

 Do not count towards the Top Lord Kill Event;

 Do not count towards a Lord’s Military Rank

 Do not count towards the Killing Machine or Rally Caller achievements.

 Any deceased troops will be turned into Vital Energy.

 When a Lord steps onto the Pyramid Battlefield their castle enters Protection Status, both on the battlefield and in their own kingdom (they can’t be attacked or scouted). When a Lord engages in any act of war (scouting or attacking) on the Pyramid Battlefield their protection will be removed (though it will remain intact in their own Kingdom). Upon leaving the Battlefield all players will be given five minutes of War Protection. For players who already had War Protection on when they entered the Pyramid Battlefield, their existing protection will be maintained and they will have 5 minutes added to their remaining time.

5. Victory and the Spoils of War:

 Victory is decided by the number of points your team acquires on the battlefield. When there is a difference in scores between the two teams of 35,000 or more and one team has at least 40,000 points more than their opponent then a mismatch will be declared and the Battle will end early. Unless these requirements are met, then the battle will continue for 1-hour with the victor being the team that has the highest total Team Points. If both teams end the battle on the same number of points then the underdog (the team with the lower overall ranking) will be declared the winner.

 The successful occupation of any structure will produce both Team Points and Individual Points. If a team succeeds in holding all of the Point Structures concurrently, then the rate of point production will increase dramatically.

 If a mismatch occurs and the battle ends early, the winning team will obtain double the points they would have gained through the continued occupation of the structures they held.

 The victors will gain Pyramid Valor to increase their ranking. The losers will also gain Pyramid Valor, but they will receive a smaller share.

 Performance during the Pyramid Battles will determine the final amount of Pyramid Valor gained, the better an alliances performance, the more points they will receive, and the greater the Valor they will attain.

 Lords will be awarded prizes based on the Individual Points they gained and whether or not they ended on the winning team. Rewards will be sent out via in-game mail.

6. Scoring Points in the Pyramid Battles:

*The first Alliance and Lord to occupy buildings during this round of battle will earn a ton of points;

*Lords will receive one Individual Point and one Team Point for every 500,000 power they cause the enemy to lose (cumulative).

*Continuously occupy the Great Pyramid, Grand Pyramids, Supply Depots, and Weapons Dumps to keep gaining team points over time. Structures must contain at least 50,000 occupying troops for you to gain 100% of the individual points available, with lower numbers resulting in a slower accumulation of points

*Continue occupying a structure that has already been fully occupied to keep receiving team points over time. Members who are occupying the structure when points are calculated will also receive individual points.

*Once a structure has been completely occupied, teams will continue to receive one Team Point for every ten minutes of further occupation. At the end of the battle, each player still engaged in defending a structure will receive one Individual Point.

*Once each battle is over and the victor and vanquished have been decided, prizes will be sent out to Lords based on their Individual Points. If you depart the battlefield before the battle has ended then your Individual Points will be wiped clean. Upon returning to the battlefield your points will start again from zero, so it’s best not to leave if you don’t absolutely have to.

*Team Points will not be affected by individual Lords leaving the battlefield.

7. Limitations During Pyramid Battles

 The registration period is given in server time.

 After entering the Pyramid Battlefield Alliance members cannot be kicked out of their Alliances, create new Alliances, or join other Alliances.

 Lords cannot build Alliance structures

 Lords cannot change the Alliance name.

 Lords cannot help Alliance members in their own Kingdom, but can still help other Alliance members who are on the Pyramid Battlefield.

 The first 3 minutes of each battle are set aside as preparation time, during which you can still dispatch troops, but you will be unable to occupy structures and battles will not result in points. For the next 3 minutes, you’ll be able to contest all battlefield structures except for the Great Pyramid, Spirit Towers, Clock Tower, and Supply Depots. Once the battle has been raging for 6 minutes, the remaining structures will become contestable and the Pyramid Battles will be fully underway.

 Lords who enter the Pyramid Battlefield cannot reinforce or be reinforced in their own Kingdom. All troops currently reinforcing their castle will be returned to their own Lords’ Castles.

 After entering the Pyramid Battlefield a Lord’s Castle in their own Kingdom will be put under Protection Status, this means they cannot be attacked or scouted.

 Lords will not be able to engage in attacks, resource collection, or monster hunting in their own Kingdom while taking part in Pyramid Battles.

 After entering the Pyramid Battlefield Lords cannot send or receive resource aid in their own Kingdom. However, they can send and receive resource aid with other Lords on the Pyramid Battlefield.

 Actions conducted on the Pyramid Battlefield will have no effect on other events that may be ongoing in your own Kingdom.

8. Pyramid Battle Skills

Once you enter the Pyramid Battlefield, you can pick two skills as your battle skills and enjoy their buffs during combat.

 Skill NamesBuffs  Rally CallIncreases rally capacity by 150,000 during attacks, and decreases the marching time of troops joining the rally by 50% Troop GloryThe rally callers of all rallies that you’re currently participating in will receive an additional attack bonus equal to 5% of your own personal attack attribute. Each rally caller can enjoy up to 3 such buffs taken from the Lords with the highest attributes participating in their rallies (excluding the rally caller themselves) War Wrath Alliance members within a six tile radius of your Castle will receive a 50% attack increase (excluding yourself). Each Lord may enjoy War Wrath buffs from only one Castle. These buffs will expire once a Lord has moved their Castle outside of the affected area. Fast ForwardIncreases dispatch speed on the battlefield by 15% Tenacious DefenseIncreases defense and HP by 100% while defending the castle First AidDramatically increases healing speed by 100% Military SuppliesReceive 20% extra Alliance Points per min. while garrisoning the Weapons Dumps Swift ScoutIncreases scout speed on the battlefield by 300%

In which:

Team members with Troop Glory activated will have their troop attributes ranked, and the rally caller will enjoy the top 3 attack buffs.

The Military Supplies skill must be activated before you send out a dispatch, otherwise, you will not enjoy the buff.

Pyramid Battle Structures

The Great Pyramid is the biggest point source. After capturing it, Gain 200 team points and 20 individual points per minute. Due to its weight, it is important to reinforce this structure after a successful capture whenever it’s needed.

The 2 Grand Pyramids are the next biggest point sources. Gain 150 team points and 15 individual points per minute.

Although the 2 Dimensional Towers offer no points, it’s a good strategy to occupy at least one to give your team additional migration chances as well as free migrations to specified areas of the battle zone.

Gain 5 migration chances when first occupied and then 2 further chances for each subsequent occupation. Gain 1 migration chance for every 2 minutes the building is held.

The 2 Spirit Towers provide attack and defense bonuses to your team’s troops. Deprive your enemies of this privilege by all means.

Clock Tower

Reduces the time required to occupy other buildings by 1 minute once fully occupied (occupation countdowns already ongoing when you occupy or lose control of the Clock Tower will not be affected)

Weapons Dump

Weapons dump become contestable at intervals twice throughout the battle. Occupy them to gain 20 team points and 2 individual points per minute.