Pet Overview

Pet Overview

Pets serve their masters faithfully by offering large stat boosts. Once you’ve taken in a pet, level it up by feeding it, and helping it evolve through different stages.

Each pet type has specific criteria that must be fulfilled to unlock it; these may be viewed on the pet screen. Once you’ve collected enough pet fragments (and met any additional criteria), claim a pet on the pet screen. You can only claim one of each pet type. After acquiring a pet, you will receive that pet’s specific stat bonuses. The more pets you have, and the higher their levels, the bigger the benefits you will receive.

Feeding Pets

Feed your pet to help it grow and level up. Players may feed their pets by spending gold or using special items. Leveling up your pet will increase its stats and give you an extra edge in battle.

 How to Feed your Pet

1) Players get two free chances to feed their pets each day. Once you’ve used up your daily free feeds, you may continue to feed your pet by spending gold or using items.

 2) Use items to increase your pets’ experience, but be careful how many items you use! Once your pet has reached its highest level and hasn’t evolved, any extra experience you give it will be wasted.


When pets reach the maximum level for their current stage of growth, then you must spend pet coins to help them evolve to the next stage. Evolving a pet will change its outward appearance and strengthen its special skills.

Pet Skills

Pets have their own skills, which can act as buffs to make players stronger. Every pet has its own skills, divided into primary skills and special skills. These will increase based on the level and evolutionary stage of your pet. Primary skills get stronger as your pet’s level increases, and special skills get stronger as your pet evolves to higher stages.

The Pet Screen

The Pet Screen displays the pets you already have. Players can also view any newly unlocked pets and claim them here. Check the maximum level for each stage of your pets, as well as their appearance and stats.

Ways to getting Pet Shards and Pet Coins

Ways to Get Pet Shards:

1. Pet Shard – Steed: Free from the Game System.

2. Pet Shard – Panther: Events.

3. Pet Shard – Falcon: Pet Exchange.

4. Pet Shard – Camel: Trial Battle & Demon Palace.

5. Pet Shard – Arabian Wolf: King’s Gift in Throne War & Demon Palace.

6. Pet Shard – Barbary Lion: Pyramid Battle Rewards.

7. Pet Shard – Caracal: Seven Day Bonus Rewards.

Ways to Get Pet Coins

1. The Mysterious Merchant.

2. Treasure Chest in the Daily Reward System

3. Auction House.

4. Trial Battle.

5. Demon Palace. (Pyramid Battle version).

6. Pet – Steed.

7. Events.

8. In-game Store.

9. Pet Exchange.