Make convenience meals more man-friendly

Image by LUM3N from Pixabay

Make convenience meals more man-friendly

You know the trouble with frozen meals ñ theyíre too darn small, one bite and itís over! But thereís an easy way to make them man size (and more healthy, too).

(And itís not have two meals instead of one (yeah, Iíve been there, too), its making the meal bigger without bulking up the calories.)

Trick #1

While the meal microwaves, heat a can of veg to go with it. You can add straight vegetables like peas or green beans or some form of baked or cooked beans, but watch which sauce itís cooked in, not everything goes with tomato! For a real treat, try a can of something hot and spicy ñ guaranteed to liven up any meal!

Trick #2

Get some microwavable bags of vegetables or potatoes, or maybe potatoes in a tasty sauce, and zing these while the main meal is standing. A great addition is corn or maybe mixed vegetables that look as good on the plate as they taste. Mmm!

Trick #3

This takes some juggling but itís my favorite. Cook your main meal and get a can, or packet, of sauce, either chilli or something hot, and prepare this while you simultaneously warm up or microwave some vegetables. Now blend the whole lot togther at the end. You have to experiment with this but you can get some great flavors and some good chewy textures to get your mouth working.

OK, three good tricks to liven up meals and make them man-size without loading them with extra calories or stodge

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