I have eaten tons of sticky rice in the form of zong 粽 or at dim sum where lo ma…

I have eaten tons of sticky rice in the form of zong 粽 or at dim sum where lo mai gai 糯米雞 is my go-to order. It’s one of my favorite carbs before jasmine rice, taro, chips and fries, and that’s saying a lot. But for some reason, I’ve always been intimidated to cook sticky rice at home 🤷🏻‍♀️ until I came across Jessie YuChen @thelescook’s Mushroom YouFan 油飯 (Taiwanese sticky rice) recipe. It is studded with shiitake, dried shrimp, and I included dried scallop as well, to add even more umaminess to the dish. Everything is steamed in a savory, nutty, and aromatic seasoning mix until the rice is tender, chewy, and completely irresistible. It’s such a comfort food. Omit the dried seafood and add more shiitake if you’re going for the vegan route.

Jessie’s recipe is a streamlined version with ingredients I already had on hand, and the methods are straightforward enough that even I–with my inexplicable hesitation to cook sticky rice–decided to give it a go. If you don’t have any of the ingredients lying around like I do, they’re actually pretty easy to find in any basic Asian grocery store.

Tip: sticky rice is sold as sweet or glutinous rice, even though there’s no gluten involved. I have just upgraded my 2-lb. bag of sweet rice to a 10-pounder of Koda Farms’ @koda_farms Sho-Chiku-Bai Sweet Rice so you know I’m committed to making more of this dish.

Find Jessie @thelescook’s Mushroom YouFan / Taiwanese sticky rice recipe on @bonappetitmag.