I gotta admit I was an Apple Watch Hater at first, but it’s been a week since I …

I gotta admit I was an Apple Watch Hater at first, but it’s been a week since I switched over to the S6 and I haven’t gone back to my Garmin Fenix 5+.

Two Reasons:

The new solo braided band has a LOT to do with it, since there’s no buckle or anything it doesn’t feel like I’m gonna scratch anything by accident or an uncomfortable bump on the bottom of my wrist (I’m sure you know what I mean if you wear a watch).

It’s comfortable enough to sleep with. The shape is so smooth and round like a jewel, it’s very “precious” aesthetic.

That is until you scratch the screen 🙂 The aluminum version’s screen is only made of tempered glass so scratches are inevitable.

I refuse to put a case or screen protector on it though, it looks great as it is. Do you guys protect your apple watches?

It actually feels and works like a watch
The always on display is awesome, crisp and bright, never gotta intentionally flick your wrist to see the time. It’s not a tamagotchi play thing on my wrist, and I appreciate that 🙂

The only thing I was skeptical of is the 24hr battery life, and yes this watch needs to be recharged every single day.

I usually charge it when I shower and the charging is quite fast so it turns out it wasn’t that big of a deal.

So yea guys, don’t be like me, don’t hate until you try new things 🙂

PS. Watch  Netflix. I highly recommend it, it’s @theminimalists second documentary. Their first one changed my life & perspective. It’s what helped me start doing what I do now. Watch it now! 🙂


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