How to use diamonds

  1. How to use diamonds

Diamonds are a rare commodity that can be purchased with real money and are a bit expensive for what they offer. For this reason, you should vary what you buy with them and how you use them. Here are some first things to do with your diamonds:

Open an additional 2-3 slots at the Imperial Academy to improve your PvP skills faster

Open 2 or 3 more slots in Heirs so you can raise more than one child at a time.

Contribute 50 per day to your Syndicate to level it up and earn rewards.

The game has several options for using diamonds that are not worth it, so you have to compare the cost versus the payout. A key example is the marriage of heirs. Marrying Junior and even Senior heirs brings nothing but a small stat boost. This small statistical increase is minimal compared to other areas where these diamonds can be used. Likewise, buying items individually in the store is ridiculously expensive and is only recommended when absolutely necessary.

The store also sells packs, and that’s where it gets tricky. Urgent packs often offer a big discount and can offer a multitude of items. Some of these packs are worth it while others are useful or not very beneficial. Most of the packs contain items for special events such as steaks, cereals, dice, etc. Special Event Items are only really worth your while if you participate in the event or if the event offers rewards that are worth getting. Steak for example gives you more hits at the Barbarian, but the Barbarian only gives small booklets and a little gold. Spending on a pack for this reason is essentially like buying a few attribute books and less than 10 million gold. Wall building events and puppet fight events also produce even fewer rewards for consuming diamonds. Spending diamonds on these events themselves isn’t worth it, unless you’re trying to rank for the event. Essentially, you have to spend a lot of Diamonds on Packs to rank high enough for those rewards to count.

Some rewards from the packs are worth it. Badge packs have the potential to dramatically increase stats. Grains for Pirate Seas and Carrots / Milk for Horse Racing offer significant rewards opportunities. In general, I find the cost of books in particular to be high, but they are often included which increases the value of the pack. Level Seals can also be worth or virtually worthless depending on your stats. Players with high stats will get sizable amounts of resources, while players with lower stats just throw diamonds at them. Outstanding and Magnificent Shards also increase the value of the pack as they allow you to obtain powerful Viziers when sufficiently assembled.

The real prizes are items that produce long term payoffs like jewelry. Packs containing jewelry allow you to level up your consorts as mentioned. Increasing the charm pays dividends as you will continually gain more experience per visit which can be used to earn stat percentage bonuses. Increasing privacy increases your chances of getting better Yesterday’s, which is a constant production of free stats. You also want packs that give you items associated with time sensitive events like badges and orbs. The materials for the masquerade and visiting consorts give you additional rewards during their respective events. Ultimately beware of what you buy in packs as some are worth it while others are just throwing diamonds.

Gems can also be used in Union Wars to strengthen your union and attack or defend during war. These decisions can make a difference in combat, but are entirely up to the situation, your guild, and whether you personally feel it is worth it. Union wars are certainly their own beast.

A final option is to buy treats. The holidays give you a chance to get points that allow you to buy keys for the concert hall. As this is the only way outside of events to get these keys, the holidays are worth considering. Banquets provide the best options for earning the tokens, but both depend on having random people join in the feast and help out. In general, however, parties are not worth the gems they cost outside of banquets.