How to select your viziers for leveling


How to select your viziers for leveling

There are several factors that affect the vizier that you need to level. They include talent, bonus (Consort buff) / harmony, and secondary talents. The main objective is to maximize your power gain by leveling the right viziers.

Simplified version: Choose the vizier with the highest military talent, who has a spouse bonus you currently have, and who has secondary talents with the highest being research and the lowest being politics. Once you roll an exceptional 5 or a magnificent 4, you give them all military books and all other books to your main vizier.

And that’s why :

Combat power = (military talet x vizier level x 5000) + military attribute

According to the parameters, the best viziers are:

VIP 0 = Davut with Kilic or a magnificent four

VIP 7 = Sormet

VIP 10 = Darmut

*** Increasing any stat outside of the military will not increase your combat power ******

-This means that raising a non-military vizier will only increase your resource gain and have no impact on Union wars, campaign, and events.

Complex version: Military talent is the most important element of your overall combat power. Increasing it will be the number one way to increase your damage and strength in all events.

  • The more stars you have on a vizier, the more power you will gain with each book, level, and bonus.
  • Military talent is not the only factor, however. Some viziers get bonuses from a consort or by having harmony with other harmonies.

Consorts: better

As you improve your spouse’s privacy, you gain new ways to improve your character. At 50 points of intimacy, you can increase your stats by%.

This% boost also applies to books

A 10% bonus in Military will give you an additional 10% of each military book. 1000 military pound gives you 1100 military gain.

Harmony: One at a time.

Harmony increases the vizier’s stats when leveling and military books, but not other books. Harmony starts at 20%, so give them your Military Books while the Senior Vizier develops the other stats better.

None: Viziers who have neither bonus nor harmony waste your resources. They do not earn bonuses on books or gold consumption. The game gives them higher attributes at the start to counter that, but that’s a big loss in the long run.

  • When you have multiple viziers with the same military talent and both have a spouse for bonuses, look at the talents in their other stats. You want to focus on research because the more money you make, the more able you are to level your viziers and boost your power growth.

Secondary statistics:

Research: Best

Increase the amount of money you earn from Parliament. Helps you level up faster and have more gold to spend on side items during events.

Prestige: Good

Increases the number of troops you gain in Parliament. This allows you to fight more in the countryside to give you more Exp Sultan.

Disadvantage: The army costs grain. If you level Prestige more than Politics, you won’t be able to claim rewards from Parliament.

Policy: as needed

Allows you to gain more grain and therefore current troops in Parliament.

Cereals are easy to obtain by other means, including events, and you will have a surplus. The surplus is useful in Union battles to increase stat bonuses for the team. While useful, you will have a surplus to pull off, especially if you focus on research.