How to power up quickly

  1. How to power up quickly

This section can be controversial. Bear with me.

To level up the fastest, save all power levels up to the Empire Power Growth event for the local or common server. The rewards are worth the wait.

There are several ways to gain power in the game, some of the fastest ways aren’t necessarily the best in the long run. This section will summarize some of the others to simplify the steps.

  • Choose one or two viziers like Davult to level up.

Davult’s high army will help you gain an advantage in combat early on.

  • Start by following the main quest.

These will provide you with significant bonuses as you grow and grow.

  • Go to the Imperial Parliament

Concentrate all your efforts on wealth. Strive for Boosts to Achieve Wealth as often as you do. Pay attention to how often the Resource Gathering Timer recharges and tune in to collect them when they are close. As you level up, they will eventually take around 35 minutes to renew.

If you click on Hocas, you will be prompted with Imperial Affairs. There are a few different options here, but at the end of the day you select yes to collect the reward or no to collect the sultan’s experience. This is one of the fastest ways to level up your Sultan, and as such the only resource for comparing may be the 1000 pounds of random stats. Unless absolutely necessary, money and grain can easily be earned by waiting a bit. There are times when money is needed, but you will grow much faster with the extra bonuses earned by upgrading your Sultan than you will get a Power Pound of 100 random stats or a bit of grain and troops.

  • Watch daily announcements and collect leaderboards for diamonds and rewards.
  • On the right, click on time sensitive rewards.

Check and see which events give you special bonuses for completing them. These reset and change every few days. If Vizier Orbs usage is not on the list, you can reserve your orbs for the next event to capitalize on the events. Claim these rewards when they appear.

  • Go into masquerade often and watch out for its reset timer.

This improves your privacy with your spouses and gives you the opportunity to get new spouses if you don’t have one, as well as some resources. Keep masquerading until you run out of items or your Fortune drops below 85. When lower, you have a chance of not gaining anything from the Masquerade.

Open the spouses and first click on the spouse for your principal like Clara for Davult and give them all your charm and privacy. Level your other spouse’s privacy if it is less than 10.

Take random tours to save your diamonds.

Once you’ve used up all of your visits and random items, click on your primary and navigate to Skill. Use the experience to improve their abilities as best you can. Focus on the top two until you get 80,000,000 in a stat, then increase the payout percentage.

Go see the heirs and increase them as you go. Give items to heirs with the highest level cap for more stat gain.

Go to the concert hall and see if there are any lower row seats for you and take the seat up to 5 per day. Pay attention to the time left in this room so that you do not lose a single attempt.

Go to the title of the groom when it is on and increase the rank of your primary groom as high as possible.

Go donate and usually donate 50 diamonds per day. While you are in contributions, click on the Redeem tab. Use contribution points to purchase Book xp packs to use on your main packs and XP to increase your Sultan level faster.

Click on quests and claim them as available. The quest changes daily, requiring you to complete different tasks to earn the rewards,

Go to set Travel. Ask your union leader to activate the first two trips. If your Syndicate is level 3 or lower, you will probably need to place your best player in Voyage 1 for the best chance of success. Level% unions should be able to complete level 2 trips by placing their best in Trip 2 and their second best in Trip 1. As your union grows stronger, follow this practice. The best in the higher you can do, then work your way down the line to finish as many as you can per day. You must open Set Voyage to claim the Set Voyage rewards.

Union War is covered in its own section below.

The advice allows you to extort tributes from areas you’ve conquered in the countryside. While that sounds cool, you basically click each one 3 times per day (depending on your VIP level) and get rewards. Everyone has a chance to give you a servant. The minions must go to the main consort that you level up. When you have Tribute Seals, it’s good to use them on the Venetian Envoy for the chance to get an Orb of Vigor. This is the only benefit that pays statistical dividends by increasing your spouse’s availability of experience to use on statistics.

The academy allows you to improve your vizier’s pvp skills. There are two slots that must be used for your main viziers to upgrade them. This allows you to catch up with people in the arena, decimate them, and reclaim any ranks you’ve lost. Use a slot to evenly increase the pvp skills of all of your viziers. This makes your pvp team stronger as a whole and keeps you from getting stuck in the main quests. 5 or more locations are recommended.

Any vizier above level 60 can be selected for the arena. Do your four rounds per day as they become available. Focus on destroying the weakest of the three targets first. Kill white first, then green, then blue, then purple, then orange, and so on.

In the Ranking Log, you can take revenge on people who beat certain members of your team with a challenge letter. Before doing this at random, click on the person and see their power and the number of viziers. You want opponents who have a lot of viziers and relatively low to moderate power to regain your rank and not waste revenge.

If you click on the scroll tab at the bottom, you can also challenge people.

Story missions require a certain number of entries into the area. Winning 20 or losing both only gives you one point.

Arena raids allow you to insert the ID number of another player and face them. This takes away 2 points per win instead of the normal point. This can be used to influence the arena ranking and decrease the opponent’s score.

Border events occur at times that are set based on your time zone and server.

Hunting Grounds requires you to use your viziers to take down as many animals as possible without meaning for points and possible chests. The game will naturally select viziers capable of killing the animal in one hit. This will cost you a large potential gain and should instead be done manually. Start with the vizier with the least power. Their power rating corresponds to the damage they inflict on the animal’s health at the top of the screen. Attack with the weakest and always aim for the head. You gain a 20% bonus to overall power for a headshot. If the computer selects a vizier right after the weaker one, see if the weaker one can kill him with a headshot and if so, select him instead. Keep using the weaker ones this way and shoot as many animals as you can. During the process, click on chat. The local cat will have treasure chests for you to choose from if they are not open. Gold gives gems and silver gives better rewards than bronze naturally. You can open 10 (?) Chests per day.

Fortress Sixteen, you just have to click continuously to shoot the cannon and be rewarded for it. Whoever gets the last hit can take over the fortress, but if you wait too long you will miss the event completely. Winning the fortress is really just prestige, except when the bonus event is active. When it does, you get around 100 gems every day, you can do that.

You can redeem the points you get for rewards. This is a good way to get more vizier upgrade gear. The price of each increases as you buy in a day.

Once you’ve completed your first turn, go to your inventory and use all of the items you’ve earned. Use the items in% gain last, as you can earn a significant increase depending on the items you have. Be sure to go combine and return all the vizier gear you have and go to others to create the various badges. You will notice that by collecting rewards you will earn orbs which will keep you growing. Start by using all your books and then go on the campaign to earn more gold. Use gold to level up your characters, then keep using orbs and items on your second turn through the loop.

If you focus on feeding one or two main fighters, this process will quickly build up your potency and not take as long. Depending on your Sultan level and VIP status, I recommend that you log in every hour and complete all tasks. Any time spent with locked timed resources is a waste of resources in the leveling process. Also pay attention to when the reset is in your time zone. The day resets at a set time, allowing you to collect rewards for completing tasks and often changing special and urgent events.