Here’s what I did: I bought up all the ads I was seeing for cookware and tried e…

Here’s what I did: I bought up all the ads I was seeing for cookware and tried everything out to see which pans I actually liked best. 🤓 Everything here was bought with my own money. I went in-depth on Stories last Friday which I saved as a highlight if you want product links / a more up close and personal look!

Here are my opinions (ratings out of 10):

➡️ The Always Pan: I’ve used this one pretty hardcore for a full year. I wouldn’t buy it again. It lost its nonsticky-ness very quickly and we are constantly getting eggs and pancakes stuck to the bottom. I also find the handle to be boxy and uncomfortable. I do love the little pour spout / lip on the sides – otherwise, not my favorite pan. Rating: 5️⃣

➡️ Caraway: I’ve only had these pans for about 2 months, but they are beautiful, comfortable to hold, and *very* nonstick. One of my pans arrived dented – support was great. My original set was blue but I requested a cream replacement so I could see what the color was like. It is very, very pretty. Also, oven safe! I would recommend these ones for people who really love nonstick. Rating: 9️⃣

➡️ Misen: This is a carbon steel pan and I did not love it. Mine came with lots of blemishes on it, and when I contacted support they were friendly and helpful, but the steps they outlined to remove the blemishes (on the *brand new pan*) were just too high maintenance for me. Rating: 3️⃣

➡️ GreenPan: I’ve had this one for about 2 months. I love the sleek bronzey handles (Reserve Collection). It feels a bit more lightweight than the Caraway pans, but not in a bad way. Also oven safe. I’m planning to use this one at home and would buy again. Rating: 8️⃣

➡️ Lodge: I got my first one for Christmas probably 7 years ago. I LOVE these pans! They are affordable and they make great gifts. And for someone who lives in Minnesota, they are perfect for the kind of cozy foods I like to cook all fall and winter. Rating: 9️⃣

➡️ Staub: I’ve had this beauty for about 5 years. I like it for its elegant aesthetic and detailing. It’s extremely solid and feels like something I could pass on to my girls someday. ❤️ Rating: 9️⃣

What have you tried? What cookware do you love / not love?