Gosh I’m homesick, and I miss Hong Kong so much . It’s almost Lunar New Year’…

Gosh I’m homesick, and I miss Hong Kong so much 🇭🇰 .

It’s almost Lunar New Year’s, and I was hit with a nostalgic hankering for dim sum and Chinese pastries. Went to Hei-La Moon and got takeout to satisfy the dim sum craving, then walked over to the other side of Chinatown to snag a few pastries. Pictured here are a couple of flaky, buttery, delicate Macau-style Portuguese custard tarts (po taat 葡撻) and red bean paste-filled fried sesame balls (jian dui 煎堆) made with sweet rice flour for that addictive chewy texture from Great Taste Bakery. Then headed a couple doors down to Hing Shing Pastry to get the Cantonese-style beef curry pastry (gah lei ngau yuk soh 咖哩牛肉酥)–a childhood favorite every time we visit a bakery in Hong Kong.

Both places are unassuming and no-frills, but you’re really going there for the delicious wide range of Chinese baked goods and dishes.

Great Taste Bakery also has a really good dim sum restaurant attached next door.

Hing Shing Pastry is cash only and also sells mooncakes, savory turnip cake (loh bak goh 蘿蔔糕) studded with dried shrimp and Chinese sausage (lap cheong), sweet New Year rice cake (leen goh / nian gao 年糕), an assortment of steamed + baked filled buns, and zong (粽), which is basically a sticky rice parcel filled with pork belly, mung bean, and if you’re lucky, a salted duck egg yolk–the whole thing is wrapped with bamboo/reed leaves and steamed. Zong is such a comfort food and one of my childhood faves that my 婆婆 grandma would make.

Lunar New Year 🧧 is on Tuesday, February 1st. 恭喜發財 to you if you celebrate it! And even if you don’t, go to Chinatown if you can and support the mom and pop restaurants and shops ❤️.

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