1. Events

There are several events in the game and most of them are straightforward. Enter the event, enter the challenge, click the action button at the bottom of the screen. Go to the store, access the warehouse, use resources or buy resources with gold, then continue the event. After these events are complete, you may need to level the event and return to it, or click on achievements to claim rewards.

The main exceptions to this rule are pirate hunting, horse racing, and ruins.

Horses race

In horse races and pirate hunting events, you must first form a team. Try to line up with your strongest friends or guild members to maximize your reward. In the pirate hunt you must first explore and area then continue the action, attack or assist at the bottom right. If you don’t kill a ship, you can click on the map on the right and save it in the danger zone. Any member of the team can attack the ship in the danger zone without using any resources. Once you save a ship in the danger zone, any ship you don’t kill can either replace the marked ship or jump it to continue hacking without wasting resources.

Your best bet is to have all the team members on one and attack each other’s ships by going to the highest level, you can kill them with all 4 attacks

As with horse racing, the main key is to get back to center or be quick to make adjustments as needed. When you use the whip, you rush in and collect all the resources and tokens that got in your way. When another player approaches, I tend to get more rewards from passing them to the direct side than hitting them or having a space between us. This has yet to be experienced.

Collect flowers by completing daily tasks, quests, and shopping. Try to make bouquets before using the flowers. When preparing your own banquets, the last flower to hit another does not score points. Properly aligning your shot gives bonus points. Sometimes you will get a marker on the bouquet which will give you extra points if you touch it. Sometimes you will also get a floral bonus which adds additional flowers to the bouquet.


Pick a location on the map in a location near the center. Avoid red, orange and yellow spots

Choose medium and lower power viziers at the start.

Keep collecting chests and dodge enemy players.

Each location contains a number of chests and people.

Chests refresh periodically, but if there are no chests, change locations.

Log in in the last 5 minutes and kill as many players as you can to get gems.

Losing a Vizier in any way consumes all of your Raw Gems

The markers on the map have Ruin Lords worth killing.

Have fun and try not to worry or get frustrated with the rough gems.


The purpose of the ruins is to pick a location on the map near the center or an area that you think is important (the actual ruins are my favorite) and keep diving there to fight enemies and recover. chests. You get two types of gems: raw which you lose when you are defeated and refined which stays with you regardless.

The event tries to focus on forced competition.

The different colors of signs on the map indicate the level of player activity in the region. The yellow orange and red areas are intense combat areas that you might want to avoid.

The charge gauge in the middle at the bottom of your screen that looks like a person or a demon seems to represent your kill. There may be a power or damage bonus when his eyes start to glow.

There are definite times when the map narrows towards the center and the stakes can get high for rough gems. Rough gems only matter when the event ends each day.

Don’t bother fighting for gems from other players until the last 5 minutes or so of the event.

As you dive in, your vizier’s health decreases during battles. If you see another player, you can take their raw gems without any gain for your actual refined gems until the end of the day.

That being said, fighting other players early on only damages your viziers and may cost you the raw gems you already had. The easy way to deal with this is to continue in front of other players looking for loot. If the player continues to follow you, take a few minutes and come back or change positions. From experience, players will stay with you for up to 5 turns. It could be incorrect; it’s just my experience. Try to start with lower and middle power viziers to save your 3 to 6 strongest for final fights for rewards.

Chests seem to be getting rarer and rarer as events continue. There are four types, and only large gold chests set with gems require keys. Cheers flow into one place as you explore. When the map is restricted, the chests reset. You can tell how many chests are left and how many enemies there are at the bottom of the screen.

The ranking score is often late, so don’t rely on it for accurate information.

Winning is similar to campaigning, except it’s much harder with better rewards. Realistically, you have to beat a story or two in each event and then use your army to campaign. Vanquish’s real goal is to use your army on it while you’re stuck on the boss in the campaign. Otherwise, you’ll just throw a lot of soldiers on increasingly hard floors with less payoff.

The other main reason for defeating is to get the materials needed to unlock level 450 once your viziers have reached level 400. Conquer as far as you can and use the extra troop to attack the conquest. After stage 40, it becomes counterproductive unless you aim for the top three spots.

If you don’t have a lot of spare troops, only go to the 10th or 20th floor, as they are quite cheap.

Getting third place means you can attack the hardest mode. Raven’s special chests unlock every 4 floors and can be claimed by anyone, including you. Every 20 floors also unlocks a special chest that anyone can open.

When you’re in the top 3, don’t forget to do the basic floors at the same time. Probably at least up to the 30th floor.