Forge Equipment

You need equipment materials, secondary equipment, and steel to forge equipment.

Equipment Material: Each equipment material contains an equipment attribute. Different equipment requires different materials.

Herb: It’s a material for forging headgears and armors.

Cedarwood: It’s a material for forging headgears and boots.

Bronze: It’s a material for forging weapons and pants.

Ruby: It’s a material for forging gloves and boots.

Fur: It’s a material for forging pants and armors.

Animal Horn: It’s a material for forging weapons and gloves.

How to get these materials:

a. You have a chance of collecting them from resource zones.

b. Some are dropped by monsters when killed.

c. Get them from Relics Explorations.

d. Claim them from the Port.

f. Get them from the Material Boxes.

Secondary Equipment: You need a piece of secondary equipment of a lower level (except level 1) to forge it to one of a higher level.

If you use a piece of strengthened equipment as the secondary equipment, all the strengthening stones you have used for the previous strengthening will be returned back to you.

Steel: It is a material used in forging, strengthening, and resetting equipment.

How to get Steel:

a. Treasure Pool

b. Monster Hunting

c. Relics Exploration

d. Port

e. Mysterious Merchant

Lord Equipment

 Each Lord can equip 8 pieces of equipment to increase various attributes.

 There are 4 grades of equipment quality: White, Green, Blue, and Purple.

 You can forge equipment at the Blacksmith shop. Please check the Equipment Guide.

Armor Sets

1. Overview

Armor sets not only come with regular equipment attributes but can also impart powerful armor set buffs which only become active when you equip more than one piece of the same set;

Each armor set comprises six different components: weapon, clothes, shoes, helmet, trousers, and gloves, corresponding to the six different components of regular sets of armor. You can only wear one piece of a certain type of armor at a time and you must first meet the criteria for that piece of armor before you can equip it;

There are four different kinds of armor set quality: white, green, blue, and purple. The different components of armor sets can be reset and strengthened. Strengthening is based on the same rules as for regular equipment, whereas resetting uses a pool of attributes unique to armor sets;

The difference between armor sets and regular armor is that armor sets have a fixed level that cannot be increased. The quality of armor sets can be upgraded, with purple quality having the highest attributes, and white quality the lowest.

2. Armor Set Attributes

Just as with regular equipment, armor sets have basic attributes and additional attributes. However, where each piece of regular equipment has one basic attribute, each piece of an armor set has two. The number of additional attributes for each piece of an armor set depends on its quality, with white having the least, and purple having the most.

Armor sets also bestow powerful armor set attributes;

There are two-piece set, four-piece set, and six-piece set attributes available for Lords who wear two, four, and six pieces of the same armor set, respectively.

Wearing two pieces of the same armor set gives you two-piece set attributes;

Wearing four pieces of the same armor set gives you two-piece set attributes AND four-piece set attributes;

Wearing six pieces of the same armor set gives you two-piece set attributes, four-piece set attributes, AND six-piece set attributes;

When a Lord is wearing multiple pieces of an armor set spread over different qualities, then the attributes given will be worked out in stages from the highest quality down to the lowest quality, with the lowest quality involved in each stage deciding the attributes awarded. For example, if a Lord wears three pieces of purple armor, two pieces of blue armor, and one piece of white armor, they will receive the following armor set attributes:

Two-piece attributes: Purple (two purple pieces of armor);

Four-piece attributes: Blue (three purple pieces of armor and one blue piece);

Six-piece attributes: White (three purple pieces of armor, one blue piece, and one white piece).

3. Forging Armor Sets

Just as with forging regular equipment, forging armor sets requires time and steel, and the two types of forging occupy the same queue;

However, the specific materials and method of forging for armor sets are different from those of regular equipment;

You’ll need multiple kinds of material to forge white armor sets;

You’ll then need the appropriate quality of material and an identical piece of equipment of the next lowest quality to the one you are trying to forge when forging green, blue, and purple armor sets.

Armor Set Materials:

The materials required for forging armor sets vary depending on the set being forged;

Materials come in four different qualities: White, green, blue, and purple;

Materials of the same type can be composed, with every four pieces of one quality combining to create one piece of the next highest quality;

Similarly, materials can be dismantled, with one piece of material being split into four pieces of the same material of the next lowest quality.

4. Dismantling Armor Sets

When you dismantle an armor set, three-quarters of the materials you used to forge the set will be returned to you. The amount of Strengthening Stones returned is the same as for regular equipment.

Equipment Quality

 There are 4 grades in equipment quality: White, Green, Blue, and Purple.

 In the order from best to poorest: Purple > Blue>Green>White

 The better the quality, the higher the attribute will be.

Composing Rule

 There are 4 grades in equipment quality: White, Green, Blue, and Purple.

 In the order from best to poorest: Purple > Blue>Green>White

 4 materials of the same quality can be composed into a material of higher quality.

Strengthen Equipment

 You can strengthen equipment to increase the basic attributes.

 Equipment can be strengthened to level 30. Lots of Strengthening Stones and Steel will be needed in order to reach that level of strength.

Reset Equipment

 Equipment of green quality or above can be reset to generate additional attribute value, but the number of attributes will remain unchanged.

 No equipment can generate two of the same attributes.

 One Reset Stone will be consumed each time. Equipment of a specific quality requires a Reset Stone of the same quality or above to reset.

Decompose Equipment

 Equipment can be decomposed into materials of the same quality. The material types will be given at random.

 Most of the Strengthening Stones used previously will be returned when you decompose strengthened equipment.

Orange Equipment

The Rules of Orange Equipment
  1. When you reach Lord Lv.40, orange equipment forging will be enabled at the Blacksmith. Use it to upgrade purple equipment to orange equipment, or to upgrade your orange equipment to a higher level. Only the equipment that has reached Lv.40 can be upgraded to orange quality.

2. Orange equipment forging rules are different from those of purple or lower quality equipment. After amassing the required materials, you’ll be guaranteed that forging will upgrade your equipment to orange quality.

3. The main material used for orange equipment forging is the equipment for the same position – purple equipment at the same level, or one level lower orange equipment. Corresponding equipment cards and orange materials are consumed as auxiliary materials.

When one level of lower orange equipment is used as the main forging material, then the number of orange cards consumed is the number of cards required when using the same level purple equipment minus the number of cards required to upgrade one level lower orange equipment.

4. Orange equipment has 1 basic and 4 additional attributes.

When forging is complete, the equipment’s additional attributes are preserved. When purple equipment is upgraded to orange quality, it receives a random additional attribute.

5. Orange Reset Stones are used for resetting.

6. Strengthening rules are the same as for regular equipment.

7. Dismantling orange equipment: When orange equipment is dismantled, all orange cards and materials used for upgrading, as well as the materials earned from dismantling the same level purple equipment will all be returned. If this equipment has been strengthened, 75% of Strengthening Stones will be returned.

★ Example: 100 orange cards and 1 orange material A must be consumed to upgrade Lv.45 purple equipment to Lv.45 orange equipment. When dismantling Lv.45 purple equipment, you’ll receive 25 random purple materials. After dismantling Lv.45 orange equipment, you’ll receive the following: 100 orange cards, 1 orange material A, and 25 random purple materials.