Divine Wrath

Divine Wrath

Rules of attack:

1. Each Lord is given 20 chances to attack Divine Beasts per round of the event;

2. Once a Divine Beast has been reduced to its final health bar, it will become enraged, greatly increasing its HP;

3. During the event, a specific troop type will be designated as the beasts’ weakness and all damage dealt by this troop type to the Divine Beasts will be doubled;

4. Damage caused while rallying is not divided equally between each participant, with each Lord being awarded points based solely on how much damage they themselves dealt;

5. When attacking Divine Beasts there is a chance to score critical hits.


1. You can claim a reward every time you attack a Divine Beast; the more damage you deal with each attack, the more rewards you will receive for it;

2. When your total damage dealt with Divine Beasts during a single round of the event reaches certain targets, you’ll be able to claim damage rewards by opening chests on the event interface;

3. The top 100 Lords on the total damage rankings for each round will receive individual ranking rewards;

4. You will receive Lucky Rewards: Terminal Blow for making the final attack that finishes off each health bar prior to Divine Beasts becoming enraged;

5. You will receive Lucky Rewards: Killing Blow for making the final attack that finishes off the health bar of an enraged Divine Beast (its final health bar);

6. You can receive other Lucky Rewards by meeting certain conditions when attacking Divine Beasts;

7. You can exchange Mythical Treasure, rare items obtained during the Divine Wrath event, for fine rewards at the Exchange Store.

Other rules:

If the Lords of your Kingdom should manage to slay every single Divine Beast during the event, then a new wave of beasts will instantly arise. Band together with your allies and friends and stop the Divine Beasts in their tracks!