1. Consorts

The consorts fulfill three essential roles: the statistics of the vizier, the production of heirs and the leisures (more gain of statistics). These three functions are based on their charm and intimacy.

Simplified version:

First, bring all of your spouses to 10 Charm.

Next, focus on the spouse for your two-vizier tone.

Give him all your jewelry and raise his rank to the maximum.

Use this one for recreation.

Take the place of other players below you up to 5 times to earn items that allow you to increase the bonus earned by the stat.

Give full exp to the first two stats until the vizier has 80,000 in a stat, then focus on leveling up.


The spell increases the amount of exp per visit the spouse gets.

Intimacy Intimacy unlocks skills and increases the stats and rank of your heirs. All spouses must achieve 10 intimacy first so that they can use the experience gained during visits to increase your team’s stats.

Focusing on a spouse allows you to grow up faster with your main character. 10 viziers with 20 intimacy gain much less experience and less power than focusing on one and significantly boosting it. You don’t want to throw jewels at characters that aren’t contributing to your combat abilities when leveling their stats isn’t helping you at all.

Upgrade stats become exponential when you hit a character with 80,000 in any stat. Level 1 skill gives 200 points. The level 2 skill gives 400 points per level. Level 3-6 skills give you a percentage gain. At 80,200 stats, the 0.5% gain gives you over 400 points.

If the attack is 100,000 for example, each upgrade by 0.5% increases this stat by 500. The higher the skill count, the higher the stat. It also adds to the books.

So, at 10% boost, a 1000 pound will earn you 1100 points. It increases your power a lot more than giving that same book that has no bonus.

The higher the Charm level of your Main Vizier’s Spouse, the more experience they gain per visit. This will become more and more important as the winning percentage increases significantly. 10% costs around 30,000 exp and only increases from there. Dividing your charm between multiple viziers decreases your maximum power gain.


In practice, theoretically, should be divided between a few spouses to increase the probability of having powerful heirs. The game defeats this theory, however, by requiring significant privacy to rank your spouse. You can only use one consort in the concert hall, and their rank should be as high as possible to hold a seat longer. The rank itself also contributes to the statistics of heirs.

Realistically, you should give all your privacy to your main vizier’s spouse so that he produces an heir, is more powerful, and can gain rank faster. Once the rank is at the maximum, in like a year of play lol, divide the intimacy between your other consorts.

The concert hall :

In the consort hall, you use keys to open doors that give you a set number of orbs (pearls for the case of this guide) per minute. If you look in someone else’s room, you might find an open seat that will also allow you to get pearls.

These pearls allow you to increase the number of points or the% gain that you get by improving a spouse’s skills up to 6 *. Pearls are used under consort, in skills, and by clicking on the left circle where the stat emblem is located.

The choice of seats is entirely based on the rank of the spouses. So when you see a full room, look in there and see if you outclass any of the spouses there. You can tell by the type of wreath on their desk. If you rank them better, you can sit down instead and start collecting pearls.

Since you can only do this five times a day, check the timer left in the room. If the play is nearing completion, you might not want to waste any of your five tries in that room.