Badges and skill books

  1. Badges and skill books

There is a limit to the number of talent levels a vizier can have based on 50 less than their maximum level. The exact level is currently. Up to 400 in total for each square.

Simplified version:

There is a strict cap on talent.

Max Vizier Level – 50 = Total talent level allowed or talent level cap for each square.

Talents 5 and 6 * give the most boost. The higher the stat, the more she wins.


The different stars per talent indicate the amount of gain per increase.

Examples: Using all badges and books to achieve 3 Star Military vs. 5 Star Military Assuming Stats Gain is 2% Per Star. Simplified for the point of this discussion.

150 LV cap x 3 stars x (military stat x 2%) = max stat gain of 9x military stat


150 LV cap x 5 stars x (military stat x 2%) = max stat gain of 15 x military stat

Leveling only 5 Star Talents gives you a 600% increase over leveling a 3 Star Talent.

In order to maximize your stats, you should only have 5-star level talents. For non-military viziers, use the skill points they earn by upgrading their military stats to increase their power.

and utility.