Auto Farm RAID: Shadow Legends Multi-Battle for free


Hello guys, in this article I will show you the easiest way to easily set up auto farm in RAID: Shadow Legends.

shadow legends of auto farm raid

Each day, RAID: Shadow Legends only gives us 40 free auto-farm rounds (multi-battles) (it was 15 before). After using these 40 free auto battle rounds, players will have to farm manually and most of us don’t have enough time to play the game like this. It ends up wasting a lot of energy at the end of the day if you aren’t able to spend it all.

So, I want to show you a very fast way to easily handle multiple battles automatically. Let’s get into it immediately now.

How to Auto Farm Multi-Battle in RAID: Shadow Legends for Free

  1. Download and install RAID: Shadow Legends via Bluestacks:
    Why? I’ll explain more about this later below.
  2. Once you have downloaded Bluestacks via the link above, download the game and login with your Plarium or Facebook account.
  3. Download this script. I created this script for you. You just need to import it into your Bluestacks via the Macro Recorder menu (Ctrl + Shift + 7) as shown below.
    import macro raid
  4. After importing, set a keyboard shortcut for it. For example, Ctrl + Alt + A. Or you can just click the play button next to it to start using the auto farm.
    import macro raid 2
  5. During the battle, press the shortcut keys Ctrl + Alt + A fully. This is to run the above auto farm script.
  6. Everything is ready ! Now you can easily grow overnight! (Good night)


In short, Bluestacks allows you to record your onscreen actions, save those actions, and play them back repeatedly.

The script I gave you above is just one click on the Replay button. And it runs once every 10 seconds. He keeps pressing the area where the Replay button is at the end of the battle. Thus, you will have enough time to check your team and change Champions whenever necessary.

Personally, I prefer to play the game through Bluestacks because the Bluestacks version is fundamentally lighter than the actual PC version of the game, and it also gives you the option to manage battles automatically.

Why use this Free RAID Auto-Farm Battle rather than the others?

Because it is completely free, secure and easy to use.

There is currently another way to auto-close at the moment. However, I am facing some issues while using this method:

  • There are issues that prevent the automatic farm from working.
  • You will often see the game screen flicker if you minimize it.
  • It uses AutoHotkey, which is sometimes mistakenly recognized as a virus by some anti-virus systems.
  • It requires you to play the PC version of RAID: Shadow Legends. Which is quite heavy for low end computers.
  • It takes some work to do the autorun.

Auto attack for Android users

If you are playing the game on your mobile and do not have a PC, you can use the Auto Clicker – Automatic tap app to record the action of your pressing the Replay button and continue playing:

  1. Complete a battle where you want to farm.
  2. Launch the app and record your tapping on the Replay button.
  3. Run the automatic clicker displayed in the sidebar.
  4. Go to the farm and have fun!

Please feel free to comment below if you found this tool useful. If you have any problem while using it, please let me know and I will do my best to help you solve it!

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