The dust-covered annals of history are revealing their fragile pages once more, as the artifacts of a bygone area re-emerge throughout the land.

These artifacts can be unlocked once you have amassed sufficient power to prove your worthiness, bestowing upon you a wealth of powerful attribute buffs in the process.

1. The Artifact portal will appear at your Blacksmith once your Castle has reached Lv.16. Once inside, 5 Artifacts will be revealed. Different Artifacts can be unlocked by meeting different criteria;

2. There are two different types of Artifact: Support and dispatch. Support artifacts will bestow their attributes once unlocked, while dispatch Artifacts will only take effect when they are assigned to your dispatches, with each artifact’s attributes buffs applying only to whatever dispatch it has been assigned to;

3. Each dispatch can carry up to one Artifact at any given time, and, prior to being awakened, each Artifact can only be assigned to one dispatch;

4. Once unlocked, Artifacts can be upgraded. Upgrading Artifacts increases the strength of their attribute buffs.

Before you upgrade your Artifacts, you’ll first need to increase their tempering levels, which can be done by using either regular or adv tempering items;

Regular tempering items are called Whetstones, whereas adv tempering items are called Enhancement Stones;

There’s a chance that you’ll trigger a tempering critical hit when performing either a regular temper or adv temper;

There is no limit to your daily regular tempers;

Each individual Artifact can be tempered 5 times for free each day, with your free tempers refreshing at midnight each day;

Each individual Artifact has a limit to how many times it can be adv tempered per day, with this limit being reset each day;

Once an Artifact has reached its max level, it will then be possible to awaken it;

Before an Artifact has been awakened, it can only be carried by one dispatch at a time;

Once an Artifact has been awakened, its max level will increase and it can be carried by as many dispatches as you wish at any given time;

Each Artifact has 5 skills, with one being possessed as default. New skills will then be unlocked when your Artifacts reach levels 20, 40, 60, and 80.