Create an Alliance

 You can create an Alliance for free at Castle level 6 or pay a certain amount of Gold to create one before you get that far in the game. You are required to enter the Alliance name, abbreviation, and a declaration when creating an Alliance. Other Lords will read the declaration of your Alliance and decide whether to join or not.

 The language used by the Alliance Leader will be set as the default Alliance language. You can change the language in the Alliance settings.

Alliance Leader

 The Alliance Leader has supreme power in the Alliance. If the Alliance Leader failed to log in for 7 days in a row, members at Rank 3 and Rank 4 can pay some Gold to become the new Alliance Leader.

Alliance Buildings

In the Alliance Building interface, any alliance member may choose a building to construct on any blank space within the alliance territory on the map.

Only the Alliance leader may build the Alliance Ministry. All other members may build Alliance Flags to expand alliance territory. R4 or above members must spend Alliance Points to build an Alliance Flag.

When an Alliance Building is attacked, the building will burn. When the wall defense drops to 0, this building will be demolished.

The Alliance Hospital covers the entire alliance territory and will help treat troops wounded in battle inside the territory.

Join an Alliance

 Tap the Alliance tab on the main interface to open the Alliance list. The system will recommend to you a number of Alliances. Of course, you can search for an Alliance that you would like to join. After joining an Alliance, you will receive powerful effects of the Alliance technologies and buy powerful items from the Alliance store. Don’t hesitate to become an Alliance member right away!

 You are encouraged to join an Alliance with the same language preference as yours. It will be much easier for you to communicate with your allies that way.

How to join Alliance?

 Tap the Alliance icon to open the Alliance list, and the system will recommend to you all the Alliances you can join. You can also search for a specific Alliance. When you become an alliance member, you will receive powerful Alliance technologies and be able to buy a lot of powerful items from the Alliance Store.  It is nice to have allies!

You are encouraged to join an Alliance with the same language as yours. It will be easier for you to communicate with your allies.

Alliance Help

 You can request Alliance Help when you build or upgrade buildings, research technology and heal wounded soldiers.

 Each member can help the others via the Help button on the Alliance Help interface or through the Embassy.

 The helping effect is determined by the Embassy level of the Lord who has requested help.

Alliance Super Tiles

Leaders of qualified Alliances may designate a location to build an Alliance Super Tile with a massive amount of resources such as Grain, Wood, Iron, or Silver. Alliance members may begin collecting Grain and Wood from the Super tiles starting at Castle Lv.6, Iron at Castle Lv.10, and Silver at Castle Lv.15. All Super Tiles come with a 20% increase in collection rate.

Each Alliance may have only 1 Super Tile at any given time. Troops sent to build the tile will begin collection when construction is complete. Super Tiles have unlimited resources and the troops collecting inside are safe from enemy attacks. When the tile expires after 7 days or is demolished by an R4/R5 member, the leader must

Alliance Structures and Territory

1. Alliance Buildings & Territory

R4 or higher Alliance members can build Alliance buildings on the world map. Each Alliance building (including Banners) possesses a territory attribute – the territories of all effective Alliance buildings combined to create the total Alliance Territory. Each building’s individual territory covers a certain area and has its own HP. Enemy Alliance buildings can be attacked, and your own Alliance buildings can be reinforced to defend against attacks. When a building is destroyed, its territory disappears, reducing the size of your Alliance Territory. Attacking and defending Alliance buildings is the core objective of every Alliance War.

Alliance Ministry:

The Alliance Ministry is the central Alliance building. Alliance Leaders construct the Alliance Ministry on the world map to create a 12×12 tile of Alliance Territory. This will then allows other Alliance buildings to be constructed adjacent to it. When the Alliance Ministry is placed on the map, Alliance members must dispatch their troops to assist with construction until complete. Building territory only becomes effective when construction has been completed.

Primary Alliance Ministry:

The Primary Alliance Ministry has the same functions as the Alliance Ministry. But, before constructing the Primary Ministry, the Alliance Ministry must be completed first.

Alliance Banners:

Construct Alliance Banners to expand your Alliance Territory. Each Alliance starts with 30 banners to construct, with each Banner providing a 5×5 tile territory when construction is complete. The Alliance Technology ‘Add Banners’ can then be upgraded to increase the number of Alliance Banner that can be constructed. This in turn will allow you to expand your Alliance Territory further. When a Banner is placed on the map, Alliance members must dispatch their troops to assist with construction. Banner territory only becomes effective when construction has been completed.

 The points required to research the ‘Add Banners’ technology will gradually increase as the amount of Alliance Banners grows.

Territory Points:

Each title in the Alliance Territory is valued in points. Add them up, and that’s your Alliance’s Territory Points. The points value for each tile depends on the resource zone it’s in – with higher-level zones offering more points.

Resource Zone Level   Points/Tile

1                   2

2                   3

3                   5

4                   8

5                   12

6                   24

7                   48

 Only Alliance Territories adjacent to your own Alliance Territory can be attacked.

 When a fully constructed Alliance building is attacked and its defense fails, it will start to burn. The higher the attacker’s remaining Troop Power, the longer the fire will last. During each attack, the fire duration limit is extended by 30 minutes.

 Burn time from multiple attacks stacks.

 When not on fire, Alliance buildings will recover 20 building defense points every hour.

 Spend Gold to extinguish the fire and begin recovering building defense.

 When an Alliance building under construction is attacked and its defense fails, it will be demolished.

 Alliance building battle logic is the same as Palace battles – some attacking and defending troops may be wounded.

2. Territorial Benefits

 When collecting resources from ordinary resource tiles in your territory, you’ll enjoy a collection speed buff. This buff will increase as you earn more Territory Points. (Super Tiles not included.)

 Daily Territory Rewards: Alliance members whose Castles have reached Lv.6 will earn daily Territory Rewards based on their Alliance Territory Points – more points mean more rewards!

 Slay monsters in your Alliance Territory to earn additional…

Benefits of Alliance Territory

 Players will gain a bonus to their rate of collection when collecting resources from tiles within their own alliance territory. The more points your alliance’s territory totals, the faster you will collect resources (excluding Alliance Super Tiles).

 Daily prizes: Every day the system will give resource rewards to alliance members based on their total alliance territory points. Only Lords with level 6 castles and above will receive these rewards. The more territory points you have, the more prizes you will receive.

 Gain extra experience from killing monsters within your own alliance territory.

 Territorial migration: Once your alliance has reached 10,000 territory points, players can use the alliance territory migrate function. Players must be within their own alliance or a treaty alliance’s territory and can migrate to anywhere else within this territory.

 Alliance tax: when members of other alliances collect resources from tiles within your alliance territory, you will receive a proportion of those resources as an alliance tax. This tax can be distributed to alliance members by alliance leaders according to the game’s rules on distribution. Members of treaty alliances are exempt from this tax. The alliance tax rate is initially set at 15%, but alliance members can increase this tax rate by researching the alliance technology “Tax Collection”.

Alliance Leadership Rank

 The Alliance Leader is a Rank 5 member and all other members are set as Rank 1 when they join the Alliance. Members of the lower ranks can be promoted or demoted by the members of the higher ranks.

Alliance Technology

 You can make technical contributions to your Alliance after you’ve joined it for 4 hours. When you contribute, you will receive Alliance Honors and Alliance Points.

 The contribution will generate a cooldown time. You won’t be able to contribute again until the cooldown time ends.

 When the contribution for technology is full, members at Rank 4 and 5 can research that technology. Once the research is completed, all members of the Alliance will receive the bonus attribute of that technology. Each Alliance can only research one technology at a time.

 When technology reaches a certain level of research, a higher level of technology will be unlocked.

Alliance Store

 Alliance members will receive Alliance Points by making technology contributions and completing events. Members of Rank 4 and 5 can use the Alliance Points to add items to the Alliance Store.

 Alliance members will receive Alliance Honors by making technology contributions and completing events. The Alliance Honors can be used to buy items from the Alliance Store.

 Please note that your Alliance Honors will not be cleared when you quit an Alliance, but your contributions and your Alliance Ranking will disappear.

Alliance Treasure

1. Unlocking this feature:

Alliance Treasure will be unlocked when your Warehouse reaches Lv.6. You must have been in your Alliance for at least one hour in order to begin excavating Alliance Treasure.

2. Alliance Treasure quality:

There are five different qualities of treasure available: green, blue, purple, orange, and gold.

3. Excavating treasure:

Once your Warehouse reaches Lv.6, you can begin excavating Alliance Treasure. After you’ve excavated some treasure, you will need your allies’ help to open it. If you wait too long without opening your treasure then it will disappear and you will not receive any of the rewards within.

4. Free excavations:

You can only excavate one treasure hoard at a time free of charge. If you wish to excavate more than one hoard at the same time, then you must spend additional Gold.

5. Opening treasure:

Once your Warehouse reaches Lv.6, you can open the help screen and choose a Lord to help with opening their treasure. After choosing to help, you just have to wait for the countdown to end and you will receive a reward. The higher the quality of the Alliance Treasure, the longer it will take to open, and the better the rewards inside will be. You can only open one treasure hoard at a time.

6. Refreshing available treasure:

Automatic refresh: the game will refresh the available treasure automatically every two hours.

Manual refresh: refresh the available treasure instantly. This can be done twice a day for free.

Alliance Relations

The alliance relations feature is here to make inter-alliance diplomacy more intuitive, and to make it easier for alliance members to get involved in the process. With this feature, leaders can formalize their relations with other alliances and members can easily see the state of these relations.

 R4 and R5 alliance members can establish relations with other alliances via the alliance relations screen. After relations have been established the system will automatically update alliance members via the game’s mail system.

 The state of your relations with other alliances will be clearly displayed in the colors of their castle’s nameplates, their alliance territory, and the icons above resource tiles where they are collecting. Note: Enemy alliances’ players will have bright red names and distinctive nameplates to help distinguish them.

 Members of treaty alliances cannot attack each other and do not have to pay tax when collecting from resource tiles in each other’s territory. Treaty alliance members will have blue names and their alliance territory will be displayed on a blue border. Treaty relations must be ratified by the leadership of both alliances before they can take effect.

 Members of friendly alliances are able to attack each other but a reminder will pop up asking players to verify twice before attacking. Friendly alliance members will have yellow names and their alliance territory will be displayed inside a yellow border.

 Enemy alliance territory and nameplates will be displayed in red.

  Neutral alliances are those with which you have not established relations, and they will be displayed in grey.