All buffs and debuffs in RAID


There are a lot of buffs and debuffs in RAID: Shadow Legends, which makes it one of the best role-playing video games in my opinion. There are limitless options for players to combine these effects together for the strongest combos.

If you are new to the game and not completely familiar with them yet, or even want to understand RAID buffs and debuffs better, you will certainly find this guide useful.

raid shadow legends buffs

All buffs in RAID: Shadow Legends

  • Protection of allies: The caster takes 25/50% of the damage inflicted on a target allied champion. This effect does not work with poison or self-inflicted damage. The caster uses their own DEF values ​​to mitigate damage taken.
  • Block damage: Immune to all incoming damage.
  • Block debuffs: While active, the affected champion is immune to all debuffs. This buff cannot block instant debuffs such as the Decrease Turn Meter.
  • Healing continues: Heals the champion for 7.5 / 15% of his HP at the start of his turn.
  • Counter attack: When attacked, the champion with this buff counterattacks the enemy using their default skill (first skill), dealing 75% of normal attack damage. When attacked by multi-hit skills, he can only retaliate once. Does not respond to the enemy’s counterattack. The counterattack does not count as a turn. Counterattack does not stack with the Extra Turn buff.
  • Increase ATQ: Improves champion’s current ATK value (including all buffs) by 25/50%.
  • Increase C.RATE: Improves Champion’s current C.RATE by 15/30%
  • Increase the DEF: Improves champion’s current DEF by 30/60%
  • Increase SPD: Improves Champion’s current SPD by 15/30%
  • Reflect the damage: The champion with this buff will deal 15/30% of the damage taken towards the enemy when attacked.
  • Relive to death: When the champion with this buff dies, he is immediately revived at 30% HP and 0% Turn Meter.
  • Leaked: The champion with this buff is protected by a shield for a certain number of turns. Damage coming towards the Champion will first go to the Shield value and must break it before going to the Champion’s actual HP (unless the attack ignores the Shield). Damage dealt to the shield does not count as damage dealt to the champion, so effects like Steal Life do not take effect.
  • Indestructible: While having this buff effect, Champion HP cannot drop below 1.
  • Veil: Prevents enemies from targeting the champion with this buff. The champion is still affected by AoE attacks or skills targeting random enemies. The Veil buff will be removed when the champion attacks an enemy with damage; it will not be removed if the skills do not deal damage.
    When all the team’s living champions have either [Veil] Where [Perfect Veil] buffs, it will be ineffective.
  • Perfect veil: Similar to Veil but stronger. Champions with this buff don’t lose the effect when attacking others.
  • To reinforce: Decreases damage inflicted on a champion.
  • Increase ACC: Improves a champion’s ACC stat by 25/50%.
  • Increase C.DMG: Improves a champion’s C.DMG stat by 15/30%.

raid shadow legends debuffs

All debuffs in RAID: Shadow Legends

  1. Block buffs: Prevents targets from taking any buffs.
  2. Block active skills: Prevents targets from using their active skills for the duration of debuffs. Target champion’s skill cooldown is functioning normally.
  3. Block healing: Reduces the healing effects the target receives by 50/100%
  4. Bomb: When this debuff expires, the targeted champion receives direct damage that ignores their DEF.
  5. Decrease ACC: Decreases Champion’s current ACC by 25/50%.
  6. Decrease ATQ: Decreases champion’s current ATK by 25/50%
  7. Decrease C.RATE: Decreases the critical hit rate of the target by 15/30%.
  8. Decrease C.DMG: Reduces critical damage of the target by 15/30%.
  9. Decrease the DEF: Decreases Champion’s current DEF by 30/60%
  10. Decrease SPD: Decreases Champion’s current SPD by 15/30%
  11. Decrease the lap counter: Decreases the target’s Turn Meter
  12. Freeze: Target Champion is unable to act for a certain number of turns, receiving 75% of damage taken. The skill’s cooldown does not work when the champion is frozen.
  13. HP Burn: At the start of target Champion’s turn, while suffering this debuff, he and his allies take damage equal to 3% of their respective MAX HP. A champion can only suffer a 1 HP Burn Debuff at a time. If all champions on a team have an HP Burn debuff on them, they will all stack and function normally.
  14. Leech: Any champion that attacks champions with the Leech debuff heals for 18% of the damage dealt.
  15. Poison: Deals 2.5 / 5% of target’s MAX HP at start of target’s turn, increases with target’s MAX HP, unaffected by any other effects. The Block Damage buff can block Poison. Poion is applied to the Shield before the target’s actual HP.
  16. Poison sensitivity: Increases the damage the target takes from Poison Debuff by 25/50%.
  17. To provoke: Targeted champions with this debuff can only attack champions who cast the debuff. Only the default skill is allowed.
  18. To sleep: Champions with the Sleep effect are unable to act for a certain number of turns. Skill cooldown does not work while sleeping. The poison effect and passive healing effects work normally while the target is asleep. If you attack the sleeping target, it will wake up.
  19. Stun: The target is unable to act for X turns. Cooldown does not work when you are stunned.
  20. Weaken: Champions with this debuff receive 15/25% more damage.
  21. Fear: When champions with this debuff try to cast a skill, there is a 50% chance that the skill cannot be triggered and they will lose their turn. The skill will have no cooldown.
  22. The real fear: Similar to fear, but the skill will have a cooldown.

Special effects in Mino Dungeon

Note: These effects are only available in the Minotaur Labyrinth

  • Rage: Increases damage dealt by Minutaur by 400%.
  • Stunned: Increases damage dealt to the Minotaur by 200%. The duration cannot be increased.
  • Hex: Minotaur can deal x2 damage to the target using [Tremor Stomp] Skill

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