Activity description

The Top Lord event

 In the Top Lord event, your goal is to get as many event points as you can by completing objectives within a set period of time to win rewards of 3 different grades. More event points you get and the higher the rank you achieve, the more rewards you will win. The rewards include Gold and many valuable items.

 The contents of the Top Lord event include resource collection, monster killing, power strengthening, Castle development, soldier training, enemy killing, and more.

Roman Invaders

 During the event period, any R4 or R5 member can activate the Roman Invasion event from the announcement in the event center and the relics.

 Once activated, each member of the alliance will be attacked by 16 waves of Roman soldiers with a 4-minute gap between each wave. The more waves everyone survives, the more points will be received, and the better the rewards will be.

Roman Invaders won’t attack lords currently engaged in Pyramid Battles.

 The R4 or R5 member that activates the event will also select the level of difficulty for the challenge, prior to starting. The higher the difficulty, the better the points, and rewards.

 When a player fails to defend their castle from two square waves, the attacks on that player will cease and they are ‘out. However, a player that is out is still allowed to assist other players with reinforcements.

 The Roman Invasion ends when all 16 waves are defeated by at least one player in the Alliance or all members in the alliance are out. However, the more players that complete all 16 waves, the better the point total and the better the rewards!

 Important: War Protection items will not work during this event. But troop losses in the event are temporary, so give ’em your best shot!

Trial Battles

*Spend 1 Trial Point to participate in a Trial Battle. 1 Trial Point will generate every 24 hours, and a maximum of 6 Trial Points may be accumulated (Activate VIP8 or higher to generate an additional Trial Point each day). Defeat the Guards on the map to win awesome rewards.

*Every Trial Battle activates one map for selection, with new maps unlocking in their order of difficulty.

*When starting a Trial Battle, all non-wounded troops will be projected into the Trial Battle map, which will not affect any activities being carried out by those troops at the time. This is a simulation.

*Only single legion attacks are permitted in Trial Battles, and the attacking troop formation may be adjusted manually before the battle to defeat a variety of guards.

*Auto-mode can be turned on with VIP5 or higher activated, and once Auto-mode is on, your troops will attack the Guards automatically with a 90-second break in between fights, which can be used to adjust your troop formation during this period. Regardless of the battle results, when the battle ends, your troops will be replenished based on the formation designated until all troops are killed in battle.

*Auto-mode will end once troops are defeated 10 times on the same level.

*The event ends when all projected troops are killed or by quitting the event. Defeat guards from all 10 levels to win the event.

*Every map will have a weekly Time Attack board, and the 3 fastest players to complete the map will make the board. Players who give likes to the board each day will receive an added bonus effect.

*Likes will be accumulated and ranked on the Popularity Board. The Top 100 players on the weekly Popularity Board will receive very cool rewards.

*There will also be a weekly Overall Ranking for the most levels completed. The top 100 players will receive huge rewards!