Regal Alliance League

Alliance League

Rules and Regulations:

1. Selection of eligible Alliances for the Regal Alliance League will begin at 00:10 on the Saturday of Cross Kingdom War weeks, with the results announced 30 minutes later.

2. In order to participate, Alliances must have at least 25 members prior to the start of the event.

3. Lords may only contribute points to the Alliance they are in when the event begins. Lords who join Alliances during the event cannot participate.

4. Only if the lord’s castle is level 10 or higher can participate in this event.

5. After the lord completes the task, he needs to manually receive the corresponding task reward.

6. You can progress through the mission phases by amassing sufficient Alliance points. Rewards are sent out at the end of the event based on the mission phase that your Alliance managed to reach.

Competition Rules:

  1. The different Leagues available during the event are: Novice League, Rookie League, Elite League and Master League.

2. Alliance’s participating in the Regal Alliance League for the first time will start out in the lowest league: Novice. During each league Alliances will be able to progress through a number of different stages, each containing multiple missions.

3. The Top 10 Alliances from each league who managed to earn points during the event will receive ranking rewards once the event is over. The top 5 Alliances from each league will receive a promotion to the next highest league for the next round of the event.

4. Alliances with zero points at the end of the event will not be included in the rankings and will be relegated to a lower league for the next Regal Alliance League event. Of the remaining Alliances, the bottom 5 in the rankings will be relegated to a lower league for the next Regal Alliance League event

5. Phase rewards vary across different leagues

Buy Packs for Great Rewards

1. For each pack you purchase, you will receive only the highest level of rewards that pack qualifies for.

2. Multiple purchases will result in multiple rewards.

3. Purchased Gold does not accumulate, targets are for individual purchases only.

4. Bonus Gold and Gold from Monthly Packs do not count towards this event.

Offline Contest: Battle of the Ruins


Take it or leave it


1. Challenge Competition is a Broadcast Event, Management will choose two teams to fight with each other on Sunday 20 pm – 21 pm every two weeks.

2. To participant in  Challenge Competition, you must have 8 players(including yourself)

3. Ways of Registration :

① Lord page — Setting — Contact GM — Choose Registration of Challenge Competition — submit an application

② Broadcaster will randomly choose some players who interact actively during the LIVE.

3. Rule for Challenge Competition :

①. In a special battle server, 16 players from two teams use the same account to play a Relic war. The winner will continue to participate in the next Challenge Competition until losing (upto winning 5 times). The losing team will stop participant in Challenge Competition

②. Same castle(only exist in Battle server): Non-recharge + Same level of castle + the Same number of Items and gold. etc

③. To prepare the battle account, All the competitors will have the entrance of the battle server before 24h( Entrance is in Lord page — Setting — Battle server).


(①, send every time win the battle which means if you win 5 times, you will get 1500 dollar package!!! ②. up to win 5 times)

1 time winning – 100 dollar package

2 time winning – 200 dollar package

3 time winning – 300 dollar package

4 time winning – 400 dollar package

5 time winning – 500 dollar package

The right of final interpretation for Challenge Competition belongs to Onemt

Pick a Pack Set

1. Each pack set has a purchase limit which will reset at 00:00 server time every day.

2. There are two types of pack sets:

a. A fixed pack set in which you are not allowed to change items in the pack;

b. A combo pack set: you are able to combine different pack sets.

Ancient Treasure

Event time: The event warm-up lasts from 00:00 to 12:00 on the day of the event (server time), with the event itself taking place from 12:00 until 24:00. During the event, earn treasure hunting items and Ancient Tomes by completing quests.

These tomes and items will disappear once the event has ended, along with any Ancient Mines that have yet to be fully excavated.

Event rules:

Step 1: Surveying

1. Whoever possesses an Ancient Tome can open it to discover the entrance to an Ancient Mine somewhere in the Kingdom;

2. At this point the type and amount of treasure in the mine are unknown. You must use Torches to survey the type and Shovels to survey the amount;

3. Once you and your allies have used enough Torches and Shovels, the treasure will be fully surveyed. Those Lords who used Torches and Shovels to survey the treasure will receive a share of the Surveyor’s Rewards depending on how many items they used.

Attention: If the event ends before treasure has been fully surveyed then no rewards will be given.

Step 2: Excavating

1. Once the treasure has been fully surveyed, dispatch troops to begin the excavation. The more power your dispatch has, the quicker the excavation will be.

2. Once the excavating troops have the treasure in their carts, their Lords will be able to claim a share of the Excavator’s Rewards based on their contribution to the excavation.

3. There is a limit to how much each Lord can excavate during the event. Any treasure you excavate after reaching this limit will not result in additional Excavator Rewards.

4. Your troops may be attacked while excavating treasure, but none of them will die, instead of going into your First-aid Tents as wounded troops. However, should your number of wounded troops exceed the capacity of your First-aid Tents, then any wounded troops that can’t be admitted to your tents will die as normal.

5. When attacking treasure occupied by enemies, you must remove your war protection. When the battle is over, the troops will start excavating treasure, but treasure already excavated by enemies cannot be plundered.

6. Once the treasure has been fully excavated, Pioneer’s Rewards will be given to the Lord who started the treasure search.

Note: If the Ancient Treasure hasn’t been fully excavated when the event ends, there won’t be any pioneer rewards given to lords who use the Ancient Tome to discover the Ancient Treasure. When the treasure closes, all excavating troops will be returned with their final rewards.


1. During the event, there’ll be mysterious werewolves showing up, holding secret rewards, on this land. Attack them to earn additional rewards.

What are the rewards for inviting friends on Facebook?

How to invite friends on Facebook?

Tap on your Avatar as shown in the figure below:

Tap the Settings button

Go into Invite Settings

Under the Invite tab, there is an option for you to Invite Friends on Facebook.

Once you tap on the Invite Friends button, then Facebook, and you will be directed to Facebook login where you must log in and share a comment or video on Revenge of Sultan.

Once your friend is in the game, you can send them your Invitation Code. Whenever these friends purchase Gold in the game, the person whose Invitation Code they are using will be rewarded with Gold.

Your friends can insert your Invitation Code under the Claim tab to receive an Invitation Reward.

You can view the number of friends you have successfully invited underneath your Invitation Code. Please note that only when your friends reach level 6 Castle will they be counted as successful invites.

When you have a certain number of friends invited successfully, you will get a reward.

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Event Rules:

  1. Use the Magic Lamp on any vacant 2*2 area to call Ali Baba, the legendary leader of thieves and the owner of hidden treasures.

2. Ali Baba is shifty! He will only stay in the same place for one hour.

3. Ali Baba is so powerful that lords have to set a rally to attack him.

4. Ali Baba does not belong to any alliance, so any alliance may set a rally to attack it. Shield spells will not be affected by joining a rally against Ali Baba. 

5. Lords who join the rally will gain plentiful rewards! And the participants who defeat Ali Baba will gain valuable reward chests from among his hidden treasure. Finally, every alliance member will get gift packs.


1. The amount of Ali Baba in each area is limited, so he will not appear if this limit is reached.

2. Attack rewards will weigh based on damage caused. The more HP Ali Baba has lost, the better the rewards.